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A warm welcome to Best Casinos India! As one of the premier casino review websites, we focus on providing casino enthusiasts with detailed and honest reviews of online casinos. Our extensive collection of articles cover some of the most popular online casino sites worldwide.

Apart from online casino reviews, Best Casinos India has a vast array of casino / payment guides and game reviews to give you a deeper insight into the casino world and make your online journey smoother.

Who We Are and What We Do

At Best Casinos India, our objective is to provide you with no-nonsense reviews to ensure that you have a secure and fun-filled time playing your favourite casino games online.

Our team consists of experienced individuals passionate about the online casino industry. Being happily invested in this domain, the team naturally goes the extra mile to objectively evaluate casinos, covering all the key aspects and presenting the whole picture to readers.

Along with explaining the pros and cons and features of online casino sites, we constantly monitor the latter and update our reviews, making sure that our articles are up-to-the-minute.

Moreover, our focus is not limited to simply giving you a perspective of which casinos are good and which are bad. It also extends to our work covering other popular topics related to casinos like the best payment methods, most popular low deposit casino sites, best casino bonuses, and several more important topics.

Core Values & Philosophy

Customer centricity lies at the core of all that we do, and we firmly believe it to be the single biggest factor for our rapid growth as a reliable casino review website among casino players across India and other countries.

Ever since we began operations, our approach has remained the same — putting our readers first. Being a business, we naturally seek profitability, but never at the cost of making readers our second priority.

At Best Casinos India, we consider security and quality as paramount factors for evaluating casinos. The online casino industry is marred by the presence of sub-par operators who neglect to implement the proper security protocols, defrauding customers of their hard-earned money. We have zero tolerance towards such sites, and rate these casinos ‘unsafe’ in our reviews.

We fully understand that our readers trust our reviews to make their playing decisions. Therefore, as our inherent duty, we ensure that we only promote safe and legal casino operators while being fully transparent about their background and features.

However, like every other source of entertainment, we accept the fact that players are susceptible to unhealthy gambling behaviour. At Best Casinos India, we wholeheartedly advocate for responsible gambling and urge players to consider gambling as a mere source of entertainment, and not a source of income.

How We Review Casinos

We consider multiple factors while reviewing online casinos, with each of the below points evaluated thoroughly before recommending any casino. Here is a list of the key factors that serve as our main review checklist:

1. Security

Website security is of utmost importance for online casinos, especially because personal data and money are involved. It is important for websites to have an advanced SSL encryption certificate and have valid gambling licences from authorities like UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, or other government-approved gambling agencies.

A gambling licence is granted only when the operator follows gambling-appropriate security protocols on its website. Therefore, such licences can thus be considered a suitable benchmark for determining the security level of an online casino.

2. Welcome Bonuses

Casinos are meant to be fun, and welcome bonuses are a great way to ensure that new players start off on the right foot. While bonuses are not mandatory to claim, they are still extremely crucial in enhancing your experience at any online casino.

3. Customer Support

Multiple channels of customer support are something every casino should offer. In an online-only setting, it is necessary to address any problems faced by players in the most efficient and quick manner so that customers do not panic or feel cheated. Live chat and email are a must, as well as extensive FAQ sections for general queries such as payment methods, deposit limits, and similar other common doubts.

4. Range of Casino Games

While the quality of games is important – including live casino games – so is variety. The trend is shifting towards casinos offering a more holistic offering to players by providing non-casino games too, such as sports, lottery, and esports products. In fact, such casinos tend to rank better and have an edge over their competitors.

5. Deposit & Withdrawal Policies

Online casinos should clearly mention their deposit and withdrawal policies with respect to payment limits, bonus lock-in period, and processing fees. The information should be provided in the FAQ section or be promptly given when a customer enquires about it.

6. Payment Methods

Casinos must provide a variety of payment methods as different customers might have different preferences. Apart from bank transfer, casinos should ideally accept e-wallets (Skrill, Paytm, Google Pay), and Visa/Mastercard.

7. Mobile Versions

Smartphones have gained immense prominence in the past few years, and are used for a plethora of purposes, from calling to banking to shopping, and even gaming. This means that mobile versions of online casinos have practically become a must, as they are more convenient to players on the go. While mobile casino apps are preferred, some casinos simply provide a mobile browser version of their website instead of providing a full-scale app version.

Are Online Casinos Legal in India?

India is a federal state consisting of 28 states and 8 union territories. With respect to gambling, every state has the power to make its own laws but until now, no state has made any specific laws against online gambling. While land-based gambling is prohibited in almost all states, there is no clear law that bans online casinos. This leaves the latter in a somewhat grey area legally – neither legal nor illegal.

Advertising Policy

As stated earlier, Best Casinos India is driven by a reader-first approach, and all our activities are inspired by that ethos. As a business, we do earn profits that are used to sustain our operations and further fund our casino review activities. Our revenue model involves receiving commissions from casino operators to drive traffic to their website through affiliate marketing. However, it’s also good to note that we have a secure privacy policy in place.

You might then wonder – how can our reviews be transparent and truthful?

The very first reason we mentioned our business model is to let you know the truth of how we earn money. We do accept advertising commission from operators. But, does that mean they can pay us and win brownie points in our reviews?

The answer is a clear NO.

Our research & editorial team works 100% independently of the advertising team. Our integrity and unbiased reviews are the reason we are trusted by our readers. Advertising opportunities for casino operators are curated separately, and we do not let such income opportunities buy their way into our editorial independence. That’s how we operate, always.

Online Casinos FAQ

1. Is there any age limit to play in online casinos?
Yes, of course. Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in online casino games.

2. Is it mandatory for all online casinos to hold a gambling licence?
Yes, absolutely. All online casinos must have a valid gambling licence from the relevant licensing authority in their country of registration. For example, casinos registered in Malta must have a gambling license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

3. Which are some of the most popular casino games in India?
Casino games like Andar Bahar, roulette, Teen Patti, and blackjack are extremely popular among casino players in India.

4. What is the minimum deposit amount in casinos?
There is no standard minimum deposit limit. Every casino has a different limit which you can find out by contacting their customer support executives or checking the FAQ section.

5. Is it necessary to verify online casino accounts?
All online casinos will require you to verify your identity and personal details in some way or the other before you can make full use of their services. You may be allowed to deposit money without verification, but you might face an issue during withdrawals.