Best Online Roulette Sites in India 2021

Online Roulette is probably the most attractive and alluring casino table games for players in India. Anyone who loves playing table games would say that roulette is one game that has captured their imagination more than any of the other table games.

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Online roulette has been getting high rankings both in the land-based and the online casinos. It is also very easy to play when compared to that of the card games. The online roulette is made an iconic game thanks to the attractive spinning wheel. There is no doubt that you need to be lucky to win a hand at the roulette. It is sure to offer a great time for the players and can also make them cash rich in a matter of a few minutes.

Brief History of Roulette

The roulette is one of the most popular betting games played in Indian casinos. It has been here since the 17th century and it is going to last for many centuries as the interest in the game will not die down. It is believed that the game was created by French mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. The design of this game has taken shape from two other popular games, the Even-Odd and Roly-Poly.

The outcome of both these games resulted out a wheel spin. The game became popular when Monaco Prince Charles opened a lot of gambling houses in the country to get rid of money issues. The game soon caught the attention of the avid gamers and the concept of the roulette prevalent those days are more or less similar to what we play today like the betting options, red and black colours, 1 to 36 numbers, etc.

Two Frenchmen Louis Blanc and Francois removed the double zero pocket rule and this led to the creation of European Roulette that is now being played in all the brick and mortar and online casinos. As gambling started getting legal in Europe, the game of roulette started spreading to Germany and other cities.

It got introduced to the US by the Europeans who traveled to Louisiana in the 19th century. The game saw developments in America and the American introduced the double zero pocket again and this led to the creation of American Roulette. With the introduction of the online casino sites, the popularity of online roulette games rose as people get to play it right in the comforts of their homes.

Online Roulette Game Information

Before you hit the online roulette table, it is very important to know how to play it. The game might look very simple and easy from the outset, but there are many tricks and strategies that you need to adopt in order to win money. The first thing you need to do is to get access to online roulette casinos that provide you with the opportunity to try out the tables for free. This way you will get to understand the play and how it all plays out before you venture into it with solid cash.

The following are certain things that will help you to start the game.

  • Each game of roulette comes with a different set of rules. Hence, you need to first go through the rules of the particular tile you are interested in;
  • There are plenty of roulette tips and strategies that you would find online. It is important to first understand that no one can predict the outcome of the next number. All these strategies will do is to increase your chances of winning;
  • It is very important that you bet on more than one number at any given time to start with. Wagering for red or black or combination reds or odd or even is ideal for the beginners;

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Learn About the Roulette Wheel

The roulette wheel is the most important component of the roulette game. It consists of 38 numbers that include a single zero, a double zero, and numbers 1 to 36. The numbers on the wheel are not in sequence and are placed alternatively in black to red colors. The zeros are seen in green color. If you are playing the European roulette, then you would only come across 37 numbers on the wheel as there will be no double zero.

The person who spins the wheel is known as the croupier. Once the wheel is spun, a metal ball is thrown into the wheel. You will find that the wheel and the ball will be spinning in opposite directions. The spinning of the wheel will only commence after the players have placed their bets on the numbers. You get to win the round if the ball finally lands in the number you have chosen when the wheel stops its spin.

Online Roulette Board

This is where you place the bets. The numbers on the wheels are replicated on this board. They would in a consecutive order starting from left to right. The numbers are divided into 3 columns and you need to place the chips on the board next to the chosen number. You have various options to bet apart from just placing all the chips on a single number. The other options are bet on the first dozen or the second dozen or the third dozen or bet on any of the three columns or the first 18 numbers or the second 18 numbers.

Benefits of Playing Online Roulette in India

We would like to admit here that roulette is our favourite casino game. No matter we step into a live casino or visit an online site, we first draw our attention to the roulette table. This is where the entertainment and the chance to win big money is. Moreover, with the start of live roulette games on the internet, we have found it to be a better option than visiting the land-based casinos. The benefits that can be enjoyed with online roulette are as follows.

Convenience: Playing roulette online offers great convenience. You do not have to search for the local casinos and waste time visiting them. You save on your time, fuel, and money when you play the different roulette variations in an online gambling website. The live roulette tables can be played from anywhere and at any time.

Play at Your Own Pace: The croupier will not be there to interrupt you by starting the wheel spin or announcing ‘no more bets’ before you could place it. The online roulette games give you the liberty to work out the right strategies in your mind before you place the bet. There is no time limit on when to spin the wheel. You get to decide when the spin wheel needs to be rotated.

Wide Choice of Games: If you are playing at a physical casino, you will not have that many roulette table choices as you get in the online casino. You get to play American roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette, Premier Roulette, and many more variations of the popular roulette tables at the internet casinos.

Option to Choose Stakes: In an online roulette game, you can even place $1 bet for a spin. This is not a feature that you get to see in land-based gambling houses as the minimum stake is of higher denominations. In fact, there are a lot of regulated and genuine online casinos that provide the players with the option to try out the different roulette tables for free before they start to bet with real money.

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Tips to Playing Indian Online Roulette

We have compiled a few of the tips and tricks that you can adopt when playing online roulette. This has worked for us a great time and we have been able to break the ice and win good money by making use of these tips.

Know the Odds First

There is no doubt that a lot of money can be won by placing the bet on a single number. But, the chances of hitting this are very low. It is a very good idea for the beginner to split the chips on various numbers on the board, maybe an entire row or a column or on one half of the board to at least get a small win.

Look to Place Outside Bets

To start with, it is always better to play the outside that includes betting on red or black or odd/even or from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. There is a 50-50 chance for you to hit the winning number when betting with a group of numbers rather than choosing just a specific number. The payout, though, would be a small amount.

Bet on Increased Odds for Inside Bets

If at all you want to win big and like to bet on specific numbers, then do not limit to just one and place bets on a selection of numbers. You can place the chips numbers that are close to each other on the board. The payout won’t be as high as hitting a single number but would be better than what you get when placing outside bets.

Some of the other betting tips you can follow are:

  • To have a fixed budget in your mind before playing and stick to that budget;
  • To understand the roulette variation before you venture into real money betting;
  • To choose a reliable, reputable and trusted online casino to play roulette with a license, such as the MGA;
  • To understand that there are no biased wheels online;
  • Be mindful that the casinos do have an edge;

With these few tips, you can now start to play roulette with real money and improve your chances of winning.

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