Best Online Blackjack Casinos in India 2024

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games among players worldwide, and India is no exception! As casino enthusiasts based in India, you can enjoy the game across several genuine online casinos offering their services in the country.

In this detailed review, we discuss the basics of the game, the best strategies to get better at it, and a comprehensive list of online blackjack casinos that offer the most promising rewards and bonuses to their players.

Top 9 Blackjack Casino Online in India

Purewin Casino


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Up to ₹70,000 'Casino Welcome Bonus'
2000+ casino games
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Speedy disposal of winnings
Multiple payment options for Indian players
3000+ casino games

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Up to ₹1,05,000 'Welcome Bonus'
Multiple payment options for Indian players
Great mobile app
Hindi version of the website available
22bet casino india


Up to ₹25,000 'Welcome Bonus'
24/7 customer support
Lucrative bonuses
Sports betting also available


Up to ₹8,000
24/7 customer support
Great mobile app
Convenient payment options like PhonePe, and Paytm for Indian players


Up to ₹15,000 'Welcome Bonus' + ₹101 daily for the first seven days
Speedy disposal of winnings
No deposit fees
2000+ casino games
bitstarz logo


Up to ₹39,000 'Welcome Bonus'
Accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
2900+ casino games
24/7 customer support

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Up to ₹30,000 'Welcome Bonus'
Hindi customer support available
Great mobile app
Lucrative promotional offers and bonuses

Blackjack Online Card Values

Without an understanding of the blackjack card values, you won’t get very far when trying to play. Luckily, it’s quite simple:

  • Aces: These are worth either 11 or 1, depending on whatever fits the hand best.
  • Face card: All Kings, Queens and Jacks are worth 10.
  • 10 through 2: These cards all retain their face value.

Blackjack Online Terms Explained

The language of blackjack is a colourful one. Here are some of the most commonly heard terms in the game along with their meanings:

  • Blackjack: If you receive any Ace and any 10-value card, this is a blackjack.
  • Split: When you are dealt a pair, you have the option to break the hand into two. This creates two different blackjack hands and offers you the chance to win more.
  • Double Down: The player may double the size of their original bet, but if they do, they will only be allowed to take one additional card.
  • Hit: To request another card from the dealer.
  • Stand: When the player is happy with their hand and no longer requires further cards, they will inform the dealer that they wish to “stand”.
  • Soft: A hand featuring an Ace is known as a “soft” hand, since this card is worth both 11 and 1. “Soft 16” for example, would be an Ace with a 5 (as opposed to a “hard 16” which would be made up of a card whose value is 10 along with a 6).
  • Bust: When the value of the hand exceeds 21, it is said to be “bust”.

Blackjack Online Rules

The rules of blackjack are quite straightforward. Let’s take a look at the basics:

  • Every player at the table receives a hand of two cards.
  • The dealer also receives two cards, though one is face down and is only revealed once betting is complete.
  • If your hand value goes above 21, you’re out of the game, regardless of the dealer’s hand.
  • If the dealer goes above 21, all players remaining in the hand win.
  • The dealer will take additional cards if the hand value is 16 or lower.
  • If the dealer’s hand is 17 to 21, they stand.
  • You may double down by placing an additional stake. In this case, you only receive one more card, but your winnings are doubled if you win.
  • If you have a pair, you may split them and create two new hands, by placing an additional bet.

Some casinos play different rules in different scenarios. For example, some will only let you split a pair once, while others will let you keep on splitting.

How To Play Blackjack Online India: Strategies

Here are a few tips to help you get started with online blackjack India:

1.When to hit and when to stand

The key element of basic strategy concerns knowing exactly when to take a card, and when to stick with what you have. There are several different theories as to what constitutes the best strategy:

  • Always stand on hard 17 or higher. Never take another card in this situation, regardless of the dealer’s hand.
  • If the dealer shows a card worth 2 through 6, you should always stand when holding 12 through 15.
  • Always hit on 8. There is never any value in standing.
  • If you have a hand worth exactly 10, you should double down unless the dealer also shows a 10 or an Ace.

2. Betting on blackjack

Placing a bet is straightforward enough: simply place the desired amount of chips into the circle in front of you. Some variations allow you to make additional side bets, though the house edge on these bets is often sizable. Examples include:

  • Perfect Pair: You will be dealt two of the same card and suit (e.g. two 8s, both diamonds). Pays 25 to 1.
  • Mixed Pair: Two of the same value, but different suits. Pays 5 to 1.
  • Insurance: If the dealer shows an Ace, you can protect yourself against them having blackjack by placing an insurance bet. Pays 2 to 1.
  • 21 + 3: This uses the dealer’s upcard in combination with your two cards to make a three card hand. Payouts vary depending on the type of hand. A flush (three of the same suit) pays 5 to 1, for example. A suited triple (three of the same value, same suit) pays 100 to 1.

3. Blackjack payouts

Any hand lucky enough to win is paid out at even money. So a bet of ₹500 would receive a profit of ₹500. If you are dealt a blackjack, your payout will be higher. It is usually paid at 3 to 2, though it may sometimes be 6 to 5. Unfortunately, if both you and the dealer have blackjack, this is a push, and in such cases, your stake is returned with no profit. If insurance is offered, the payout is usually 2 to 1.

4. House edge

It is not easy to calculate an exact house edge, as it depends on a range of variables. Simulations show that playing basic strategy brings the casino’s advantage down to around 0.5%. A talented card counter can even turn the game into a profitable one in the long term, perhaps by as much as 1%. Different online casino providers program their software in different ways, so the edge on these games also varies.

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Here are some blackjack examples:

Software Provider Game Name House Edge
Playtech Blackjack Switch 0.14%
Betsoft Single Deck Blackjack 0.38%
NetEnt Blackjack 0.44%
WagerWorks Blackjack 0.45%
Pala Interactive Side bet Blackjack 0.46%
Realtime Gaming Blackjack 0.54%

5. Card counting

The idea of counting cards is credited to an American mathematician called Edward O. Thorp, who published a book in the 1960s called Beat the Dealer. Among other things, he floated the idea of assigning values to each card, keeping a running total in your head and betting according to the count. His methods have been greatly improved upon over the years and now, many such card counting strategies exist. The names of some common systems include:

  • Hi-Lo
  • Red 7
  • Zen Count
  • Halves
  • Omega II

No matter which card counting strategy is employed, one thing is certain – they can reduce, and even eliminate entirely, the house edge. This means that it is theoretically possible to make blackjack into a profitable enterprise in the long run.

As a result, the strategy is not allowed inside brick-and-mortar casinos. While it is not against the law, the casino operators are always on the lookout for card counters. If caught, they will be asked to leave the premises and their details will be shared around other local casinos.

Blackjack Online India Game Variants & Similar Games

In addition to the classic version, many online casinos now offer multiple variations to players. These innovative games don’t just help to keep things fresh, but they feature interesting rule variations that can allow players to try out new strategies to try and beat the house.

Blackjack on 10cric

  1. Speed Blackjack
    This interesting variant follows the exact rules of the classic game, with the exception of the order in which cards are dealt. Once all of the initial hands are on the table, players are simultaneously given the chance to make their decision regarding whether to hit, split or double down. Whoever makes the fastest decision will receive their card first.
  2. Power Blackjack
    This one uses eight decks, but all of the 9s and 10s are removed. Players will need to get creative with their betting strategies if they are to win. Power Blackjack also allows players to both triple down and quadruple down, on any hand at all. This affords the player the opportunity to win far bigger amounts than in the standard form of blackjack.
  3. Blackjack Party
    A low-stakes version of the game that allows an unlimited number of players to bet behind, while a team of presenters assist the dealer in creating a fun atmosphere. With music, chat and the ability to play blackjack online with friends, it truly is a party.
  4. Free-To-Play Blackjack
    There are many online casinos now that allow players to enjoy blackjack online for fun, as opposed to playing for real money. Some will have a dedicated free blackjack game, while others will allow players to enjoy their usual products in a demonstration mode. Free-to-play blackjack games are a brilliant way to practise strategy and for beginners to learn the rules, without the need to risk real money.

Similar Games

There are many games that look like blackjack that are not quite the same. Here are some examples:

  1. Pontoon
    Pontoon is a popular British card game believed to have been developed in the early 18th century, and it’s comparable to blackjack as the objective of Pontoon is to achieve a score of 21 or higher than the dealer.
    There are, however, some noticeable distinctions between the two games. In pontoon, you are able to double down on two cards only; this is not permitted in blackjack. Furthermore, while splitting pairs in pontoon is prohibited, you may do so any number of times in blackjack.
  2. Spanish 21
    Spanish 21 is a blackjack variation popular in Spanish-speaking countries, which differs from regular blackjack in several key ways. These include the ability to surrender at any time before the dealer’s final card, as well as bonus payouts for certain hands, such as a six-card 21. Also worth noting is that all 10s are removed from the deck in Spanish 21.
  3. Trente et un (31)
    The French card game Trente et un, which translates to “thirty and one,” is similar to blackjack in that the aim is to come as close to the highest number without going over. But that is one of the similarities; when you dig deeper into the rules of the game, you will notice some vast differences between the two.
    In blackjack, you compete to get a better total than the dealer, whereas in Trente et un, you have to compete against the other players. And while in blackjack, the aim is to score close to 21 points without exceeding, the aim in Trente et un is to score 31 points or more.
    In blackjack, players have the option of hitting (taking another card) or standing (keeping their current hand), whereas in Trente et un, they can only hit. Another difference is that in blackjack, one may double down (double one’s bet and take a second card) or split (separate a hand of two cards of the same rank into two different hands). These options are not available in Trente et un.
  4. Siebzehn und Vier
    This blackjack variant is a popular German game that likely originated in the early 18th century. Here, you must choose four different numbers from 1-17. The goal of the game, as with blackjack, is to get as close to 17 without going over.
    However, despite their apparent similarities, the two games differ vastly from each other.
    The goal of blackjack is to draw hands that total 21 or as near to 21 as possible without going over. However, players in Siebzehn und Vier strive to obtain cards with a value of 17 or more. You win the game if you get a Siebzehn (17) or Vier (4).
    Also, Siebzehn und Vier typically has lower betting limits than blackjack, and the dealer does not take any cards in Siebzehn und Vier – they simply reveal one card at the beginning of the game, and that’s it.
  5. Quinze
    Quinze is a card game that is believed to have originated in France, and was quite popular throughout Europe for many years. In fact, Quinze was even mentioned in several famous works of literature, including Shakespeare’s Hamlet!
    Although the game has similarities with blackjack, they are not the same. The main difference is that in Quinze, the player must draw cards until they have a hand total of 15 or less.
    If the player goes over 15, they automatically lose the hand. Blackjack, on the other hand, allows the player to continue drawing cards until they either reach 21 or decide to stop.
  6. Seven and a Half
    Sette e mezzo, or Seven and a Half, is the Italian variation of blackjack. Like the latter, the object of this game is also to have a score that is higher than the dealer.
    But there are several key differences between blackjack and Seven and a Half. The most obvious is that Seven and a Half is played with a deck of 40 cards, while blackjack uses a standard 52-card deck.
    In Seven and a Half, the ace is worth 1 point, while in blackjack, it can be worth either 1 or 11 points. Seven and a Half also features two special cards – the 2 and the 7 – each worth 7 points.
    Lastly, in Seven and a Half, the goal is to not get more than seven and a half points, while in blackjack the player should not exceed 21.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack games are a great option to experience the thrill of a casino from the comfort of your home, while still getting to interact with the dealer and other players at the table. And, of course, you can still win real money!

If you are looking for a live dealer blackjack game, make sure that you find a reputable casino with valid licences. Live dealer blackjack tables usually have lower betting limits than traditional casino games, but it’s always better to check your bankroll’s suitability with the table size before joining.

Best Bitcoin Casino for Online Blackjack in India

bitstarz games

The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies has made bitcoin casinos increasingly popular. One of the biggest advantages of bitcoin or crypto casinos is that they offer online blackjack India games with better odds than traditional casinos, while processing payments almost instantly.

For example, at bitcoin casino BitStarz, players can enjoy blackjack games with a house edge of only 0.28%. This is significantly lower than the house edge at traditional casinos, which can be as high as 5%.

Besides BitStarz, online casinos like Casumo, Parimatch and 22Bet also accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

Blackjack Online for Real Money Vs Online Blackjack for Fun

Even when played without real money, blackjack is a fun game to play. Beginners, for instance, may want to start off by playing blackjack for free to get a feel of the game before putting in their real cash. If you’re just playing for fun, then there’s no need to worry much about formalities – you can start playing for free right after signing up.

However, in order to play blackjack for real money, you’ll need to first register with an online blackjack India casino, select a payment method, make a deposit, and only then can you start placing real-money bets. For live dealer blackjack games involving real money, you can find several exciting variants on sites like Parimatch, Pure Win, and 10CRIC.

Things To Consider When Choosing the Best Online Blackjack Indian Casinos

Before choosing the online blackjack India casino that you like, you should consider the following:

  1. Security
    Ensure that the online casino has all the proper licences and uses SSL encryption to protect your personal information.
  2. Variety of games
    Look for online casinos that offer multiple blackjack variants – variety adds spice to your casino experience and keeps the excitement alive!
  3. Mobile app
    Find out if the casino has a mobile app or at least a good mobile casino. Also, ensure that the app works well and offers all the features that its website does.
  4. Customer support
    You can face multiple issues while playing blackjack online, be it in terms of payments, login problems, or something else, so an online casino is incomplete without a robust customer support mechanism. Therefore, ensure that your online casino has a good customer support team that is prompt and cooperative.

Online Blackjack India Game Providers

These are some of the most reputable online blackjack India game providers:

  • Evolution Gaming: Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming are the premier providers of live dealer casino products in the world today.
  • Pragmatic Play: Award-winning casino game providers Pragmatic Play specialise in producing live dealer blackjack games.
  • Realtime Gaming: RTG are known for producing some of the fastest online blackjack games.
  • Playtech: Providers of gaming software since the late 1990s, Playtech have produced several interesting blackjack variations over the years.

Online Blackjack India Review Final Say

Now that you know the basics of the game and some popular strategies to ace it, you can give it a try with a more informed approach.

However, with so many online blackjack India casinos to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. Our  list of blackjack casinos has been prepared after considering factors like security, bonuses, game software providers, and game variety, to make sure you’re choosing the right casino.

So, if you feel ready, why not try with any of the above casinos? And most importantly, have a fun time online!


1. Is online blackjack rigged?

Absolutely not. All casinos must have a licence and in order to obtain it, they must prove that their games and practices are fair. Independent bodies such as eCOGRA and GLI perform rigorous testing on all such games, and blackjack is no exception.

2. Can you make a profit playing blackjack online?

If you count cards and do so flawlessly, in addition to playing perfect basic strategy, you can turn the house edge in your own favour. It can be an edge of as much as 1%, so in theory, you can make a long- term profit by playing blackjack online. Don’t forget that variance still applies in the short term. Even if the edge is in your favour, it’s possible to have several losing sessions in a row – so please gamble responsibly.

3. Is it illegal to count cards?

Card counting is not a criminal offence, but it is greatly frowned upon by casino management. You will be asked to leave the premises if caught and you may even be banned.

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