Ultimate Guide to Playing Teen Patti Online in India

Teen Patti is a popular Indian game that resembles western poker. The game came into existence in the 1970s and 80s where people would gather in the evening to play Teen Patti and it has remained relevant till today. Teen Patti, also known as ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash’ is often played during the Hindu Festival of Lights-Diwali.

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Best 6 Teen Patti Casinos in July 2022

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  2. 10Cric
  3. Casino Days
  4. Lucky Niki
  5. Genesis Casino
  6. King Billy

Teen Patti means ‘Three Cards’ in Hindi. In other languages, the game is referred to as ‘Mucheetu’ in Malayalam, and ‘Munnu Seetu’ in Tamil. Simply put, Teen Patti is a card game where you are dealt three cards and the dealer is dealt three cards as well. Then you can choose to bet to beat the dealer by getting a better hand. A 52 card pack is used and it requires 3 to 6 players. The cards are ranked in the usual order from Ace (high) to Two (low).

How to Play Teen Patti

As earlier mentioned, this game uses 52 cards without the jokers and is mostly played among 3-6 players. The aim of the game is to have the best hand per the hand ranking by the end of the round. To begin, every player is required to place a bet. The players then decide on a boot amount that will be contributed to the pot. Ideally, the boot money is the minimum bet and the amount in the pot will keep increasing as the game progresses.

Here is a step by step guide on how to play Teen Patti:

1. Step 1: Dealer selection
The dealer oversees the gameplay and is responsible of dealing the cards. To select the dealer, one player will shuffle the cards and deal every player with a card. The player with the highest card value becomes the dealer.

2. Step 2: Contribution of the pot amount and placing initial bets
Players will determine the minimum bet and every player will place their contribution this amount will be the pot amount. Each player will then be required to place their initial bet-also referred to as the ‘ante.’

3. Step 3: The dealer deals the cards
The dealer will then hand each player three cards face-down starting with himself then the player to his left, progressing in a clockwise direction.

4. Step 4: The game starts
The gameplay starts with the player who was the first to be dealt the cards. He then has the option to either play ‘see’ or ‘blind’. Seen means that the player will check to see the cards he has been dealt before placing a bet. Playing blind, on the other hand, means that the player will place a wager without checking his cards.

Note: The next player’s stake amount will be the bet amount placed by a blind player and in the case of a seen player, the stake amount for the next player will be half of the bet placed by the seen player. When the game starts, the current stake is usually one unit (the ante). This plays a crucial role in determining how much each player wagers during gameplay. For instance:

If you are playing blind, your wager should be at least equal to the current stake and not more than twice the current stake. The next player’s current stake will then be the amount you’ve placed.

If you are playing seen, your wager should be at least twice the current stake and not more than four times the current stake. The next player’s current stake will be half of the amount you have wagered.

5. Step 5: The game proceeds
The players take turns to play their cards in a clockwise direction and you have the option to fold, call, or raise when playing either seen or blind. It is important to remember that the amount you wager is determined by the current stake set by the previous player and also on whether the current player is playing blind or seen.

This will continue until one of the following happens:

  • All players fold apart from one who then becomes the winner of the pot amount
  • All players fold apart from two and one of them request a sideshow. The player whose hand has the highest ranking becomes the winner.

6. Step 6: Request a Sideshow
During a sideshow, a player requests another to compare their cards and the player with the highest ranking hand becomes the winner while the other folds. If their hand rankings are equal, then the player who placed the request will fold.

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What are the Teen Patti Rules?

Teen Patti rules are simple and easy to understand. It is important to know these rules before investing in the game and they apply to both beginners and experts.

  • Boot amount: To start, players will enter a boot before receiving any cards. The boot is known as the Ante and with this amount, players are less likely to fold since by so doing they will be losing money.
  • Dealing cards: With every round, the player with the highest drawn card becomes the dealer. e/she will deal three cards to each player in a clockwise manner
  • Playing blind or seen: Playing blind means you will place your wager without looking at the cards you’ve been dealt while playing seen means you will have checked the cards before placing your wager. When betting a blind player must put in at least the current stake and not more than twice the current stake. On the other hand, if you are a seen player, you are required to wager at least twice the current stake and not more than four times the current stake.
  • The value of stake: The value of the stake is dependent on whether the current and the immediate previous player have been playing blind or seen. If the current and previous player plays blind, then the staked value will remain the same as the value deposited at the pot or could be doubled. However, if the previous player plays seen, then the current player can go with half the staked value of the previous player or the current staked value. In the case where both players are playing seen, the current stake value will stay the same or can be doubled. On the other hand, if only the previous player is playing blind, then the current stable value will be doubled and could be increased by 4 times.
  • Ranking of the hands and determining the winning sequence: The ranking of hands is similar to that of poker. Trail is the highest hand ranking and includes three of a kind sequence and the lowest-ranked sequence is the ‘High Cards’.
  • Folding or showing cards: The gaming continues until when all players except one fold their cards. This player will be the winner of the pot. In the case where all players fold except two, then one of them can request a showdown.

Ranking of Hands in Teen Patti

The ranking of hands in Teen Patti is as follows;

  • Trail/Trio– Also referred to as Three of a Kind. This is the best possible hand featuring three cards of the same rank. The highest rank features 3 As and the lowest rank has 3 2s.
  • Straight Flush– Also known as Pure Sequence. You attain this when you get 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. A-K-Q is the highest rank followed by A-2-3 and the lowest has 4-3-2.
  • Straight– Also known as Normal Run. This includes three consecutive cards that are not of the same suit. The highest rank has A-K-Q and the lowest features 4-3-2.
  • Colour-Also known as Flush. This hand has three non-sequential cards but of the same suit. The highest rank features A-K-J and the lowest has 5-3-2.
  • Pair-This hand features two cards with the same rank. The highest rank has A-A-K and the lowest has 2-2-3.
  • High Card-This is the lowest hand ranking featuring three cards that don’t fit in any of the above categories. The highest rank has A-K-J while the lowest features 5-3-2.

Side Bet Options

  • Four of a Kind-This is part of the 3+3 side bet and it features a hand with four of a kind out of 6 cards (the player’s and the dealer’s).
  • Full House– Also part of the 3+3 side bet, this hand contains three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank.
  • Royal Flush– This is also part of the 3+3 side bet and the hand features A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit.

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The Winning Potential of Various Hands in Teen Patti

As expected, some hands are easier to get than others. For example, the probability of obtaining a Straight flush is harder than being dealt two cards of the same rank.

Hand Probability Frequency  Odds
Three of a Kind 0.24% 52 424:1
Straight Flush 0.22% 48 459.42:1
Straight 3.26% 720 29.69:1
Flush 4.96% 1096 19.16:1
Pair 16.94% 3744 4.90:1
High Card 74.39% 16440 4.90:1


  • Probability-the likelihood of being dealt that hand in each hand.
  • Frequency-the number of ways to be dealt that hand.
  • Odds– the number of ways not to be dealt that hand compared to the number of ways it can be dealt.

The winning hand pays out a different amount depending on the hand type dealt. Pair or Better, and 3+3 side bets have higher payouts compared to ante bets. Check out the payout outline below;

Ante Bet Payout
Royal Flush 5:1
Straight Flush 5:1
Three of a Kind 4:1
Straight 1:1
Pair or Better Payout
Royal Flush 200:1
Straight Flush 40:1
Three of a Kind 30:1
Straight 6:1
Flush 3:1
One Pair 1:1
3+3 Bet Payout
Royal Flush 1000:1
Straight Flush 200:1
Four of a Kind 50:1
Full House 25:1
Flush 20:1
Straight 10:1
Three of a Kind 5:1

Note: These payouts may vary depending on the provider but the difference is not significant.

Teen Patti Variations

There are several Teen Patti variations that you can play with some offering a higher limit on the amount by which the bet can be increased while others have a set limit on the number of times a player can bet blind. Here are some Teen Patti variations popular among Indian players.

#1. 999 Variation

The aim is to get a hand that is closest to 999. In this game, the suit of the card does not matter and you can interchange the order of the cards.

#2. Sudden Death

In this variation, a pack of cards is distributed equally among the players. The players will then drop their cards one after the other until one or all the players shout ‘stop’. The player with then pick the card with the highest value from their remaining cards and will compare it with the other players’ cards. The player with the highest value wins.

#3. Muflis/Lowball

This variant works the same as the regular Teen Patti with the only difference being that the ranking of hands is reversed. Ideally, the High Card is the highest ranking hand while the Trio is the lowest ranking.

#4. AK47

A, K,4, and 7 are joker cards in this variation. If you get any of these cards, you can use them to substitute a missing number or suit.

#5. 4xBoot

In this variation, the Ante bet is 4 times the normal boot value. All other rules remain the same as the regular online Teen Patti.

#6. Closest to 555

The aim of this variant is to get as closest to 555 as possible. A, K, Q, and J are valued at 0. During the first two rounds, you are allowed to exchange one of your cards with one from the pack.

#7. High Wild

In this variation, the card with the lowest value becomes a joker card and can be used as a substitute. For example, if you have 3-3-8, the 3s are joker cards.

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Live Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti is a live version of online Teen Patti where you will be playing with a real live dealer. The action happens in real-time and is streamed live in HD or 4K. One of the key differences between regular Teen Patti and Teen Patti Live is that on the latter, there are only two hands playing in each round.

There are two popular Teen Patti live games; Live Teen Patti and 20/20 Live Teen Patti. In the first type, the only two hands playing are your three cards and the dealer’s three cards. In the second type, the only two hands playing are player A’s cards and player B’s cards. In this game, you are only required to bet on the player with the best hand.

The three main providers of Teen Patti games include Ezugi, XPG, and Super Spade Games. These developers ensure you can see all the action in high quality and are guaranteed clear visuals and sound.

Tips and Strategies to Boost Your Chances of Winning at Teen Patti

To win at Teen Patti you need both luck and skill. Here are reliable tips and basic strategies that can help you improve your skill.

  • Understand the game’s rules– Understanding the rules of the game gives you ideas of the moves that will help you obtain high-ranking hands.
  • Play with free chips– Teen Patti online casinos offer plenty of free chips to both beginners and experienced players. Playing for free gives you a chance to practice and enhance your skill without risking your real money.
  • Start slow-If you are just starting out, don’t place big bets. Instead aim to make strategic bets from the start and get good cards since players with weak cards are more likely to fold which gives you a chance to win substantial amounts.
  • Play blind– If you can, play blind as much as possible. This way, your opponents will have a hard time evaluating the strength of your cards and it could push them to fold earlier. Better yet, playing blind allows you to place smaller bets and this means you will lose less.
  • If you have a bad hand, bluff or fold-Bluffing when you have a weak hand makes your opponents think you have a good hand which could make them fold. However, if you feel that bluffing won’t work, you can always opt to fold to avoid losing more money.
  • If you have a good hand, don’t post a big bet directly-Placing a big bet will discourage players with weak hands and they may end up folding early. However, aim to start with smaller bets as this gives ample time for the pot money to grow.
  • Only wager amounts you are willing to lose-Playing Teen Patti online comes with the risk of losing money which is why you should only play with amounts you are comfortable losing. It is advisable to set a limit of how much you are willing to spend before you start playing and be discipline to walk away when you hit this limit. Avoid chasing losses.
  • Utilize the sideshow option-If you are unsure of your cards, you can request a sideshow from the preceding player. The player with the strongest hand will be the winner and this helps you decide on whether to continue playing or fold.

Can I Play Teen Patti for Free?

Absolutely! The online Teen Patti Indian casinos listed above offer the demo version, and other games such as Andar Bahar, Blackjack, and Roulette too. With this option, you get to play without risking your own money and this is a great option if you are looking to not only have fun but also enhance your gaming skills. However, when you play the demo version, you cannot withdraw any winning obtained. To win money, you have to play real money Teen Patti.

Teen Patti Glossary

Some of the Teen Patti terminologies that you would want to keep in mind include;

  • Ante-also known as boot, ante is the amount players are required to wager before the cards are dealt.
  • Chaal-playing Chaal means you will see your cards before placing the next bet. With this option, you have to bet at least twice the current ante.
  • Blind-playing blind means you will place your next bet without looking at your cards. With this option, you are required to put in at least the current stake and not more than twice the current stake.
  • Call-this is where you place a wager that is equal to the previous player’s bet.
  • Fold– when you think you have a weak hand, you can decide to quit the game.
  • Sideshow– you can invite another player to show their cards and the player with the best hand wins and stays in the game while the other player folds.
  • Raise-This is when you decide to increase the bet of the previous player to a maximum of 2x if you are playing blind and 4x if you are playing chaal.

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Online Teen Patti Conclusion

3 card Teen Patti is an exciting Indian-poker game and to win, you must form the highest-ranking by the end of the round. While the Teen Patti game highly depends on luck, you will need some strategies to help you decide when to fold, call, or rise. As a beginner, you can play the free version to implement the strategies we have discussed above before proceeding to play Teen Patti cash game.

Teen Patti FAQs

Is playing Teen Patti legal in India?
The legality varies from state to state. For example, playing Teen Patti for real money at licensed casinos is legal in states like Sikkim and Goa, but is illegal in other territories.

Is there a Teen Patti game app?
Yes – JeetWin and 10CRIC both have downloadable mobile apps through which you can play Teen Patti on mobile. Other Teen Patti game apps include Ultimate Teen Patti, Teen Patti Octro, Teen Patti Gold, and Jungle Teen Patti.

How can I win at Teen Patti?
To win, you have to be the player with the highest-ranking hand by the end of the game.

Is Teen Patti a game of chance or Skill?
Teen Patti is highly a game of chance since the outcomes are highly influenced by luck. However, you need skills to help you make moves that will increase your chances of winning.

What are the best hands in Teen Patti?
A Trio featuring three Aces is the best hand followed by a Straight Flush featuring A-K-Q.