PlayWin Lottery Guide and Best Online Alternatives

It is important to note that PlayWin is no longer operational, so if you are looking to test your luck playing online lotteries from India, then we suggest trying LottoLand, Multilotto, or Lotto247 instead. It was the first online lottery to be officially opened in India, was run by the Government of Sikkim, who started its online operations in November 2001.

PlayWin used to be backed by Pan Indian Network Limited which was is part of the $4.1 billion Easel Group, however, they still didn’t manage to stay online.

Best PlayWin Lottery Alternatives in July 2024

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Why Try a MyPlayWin Alternative?

The first and the most important reason that drove many players from India to try out this online lottery site is that it was the official lottery website run by the government, such as the Kerala Lottery. There are plenty of different games that the lottery enthusiasts can invest money to try and lay their hands on the biggest lottery prizes. Therefore it is best to find a clear and transparent lottery service online that is 100% legal and safe.

Since the PlayWin site was run by the Sikkim Government, it was the first to bring the popular Lotto game into India. However, now players are able to find other Indian mobile lottery apps which can provide a similar service, and alternative games such as Satta Matka. There is no doubt that PlayWin turned out to be a very strong brand online with a plethora of games offered to keep the interest of the lottery enthusiasts alive, but unfortunately players will now need to seek elsewhere.

One secured and recommend alternative for great lottery selections is Lotto247.

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The Technology of PlayWin Online Lottery India

playwinIt is very important to have a solid and state of the art technology to run a competent and perfect online lottery site. There was no compromise on the technology side by this online lottery betting house. PlayWin made use of the latest and the cutting edge technology to offer 100% transparent and correct draws. There were no discrepancies that would creep up when a draw is picked and the numbers are revealed. Everything happened automatically. The software and the hardware of the lottery games provided were from International Lottery and Totalizator Systems (ILTS), from the USA.

The draws for each and every lottery game that you could have played on the PlayWin lottery were carried out automatically and no human touch is involved. Hence, the results could not be altered. The numbers were chosen by an automated draw machine. This machine carries the patent of Smart Play International Inc., USA. The draw machine had been imported to India to run for the PlayWin website to pick the daily and weekly lottery draws. With the latest draw machine and the to-end technology in place, all the lottery players were assured that the website was 100% legal and offered a fair playing field for one and all. It was hassle-free and even first-time lottery players would have not found it difficult to buy tickets and to check out the draws.

Different PlayWin Lottery Games

PlayWin is known for the different types of lotto games it offered for its online fans. The most popular lotto titles that you could have played here are as follows.

1. Jaldi 5 Double Lotto

This is a lotto game that had a draw every Wednesday. The draw will took place between 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm. The jackpot that you could have won playing this Jaldi 5 double lotto game was Rs.10 lakhs. There are five numbers drawn and a player who has all the five drawn numbers on his lotto ticket will walk away with the jackpot money. If there is nobody with the 5 draw numbers, then the collection for that draw will be rolled down to the 4 number matching winners. Either this amount or Rs.2 lakhs will be added to the match 4 winner payout. The maximum amount offered for every lottery winner after the rollout with 4 matching numbers is Rs.9000.

2. Thursday Super Lotto

As the name of this lottery game suggests, the draw for this lottery play happened every Thursday and took place between 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm. The jackpot prize for this lottery game is a whopping Rs. 2 crores. The player needs to purchase a ticket f Rs.20 to take part in this lottery. There will be 6 numbers drawn on the drawing day. If the 6 numbers in a lottery ticket mat with the drawn numbers, then the player wins the huge jackpot prize. If no one claims the 6 numbers, then the payout will be rolled on to the next draw.

3. Tuesday Thunder ball

This lottery game carried a ticket rate of Rs. 20. The jackpot on offer for this online lottery game was Rs. 1.05 crores. The draw for this game took place every Tuesday from 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Here, the players need to choose 5 numbers from the l 01 to 42. Apart from this, the player also needs to choose a TG number that falls between the range 01 and 15. If the player has the 5+TB number to match with the drawn numbers along with TB number, then he stands to win the huge jackpot. If no one matches with the drawn numbers + TB, then the winning prize will be rolled over to the next draw.

4. Jaldi 5 Lotto

Another interesting lotto game that is a favorite among all the lottery ticket fans is the Jaldi 6 Lotto. The draw for this game took place every Friday between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm on the PlayWin website. The ticket price for this lotto is just Rs. 13 and the jackpot prize on offer is Rs. 5 lakhs. The ticket holder needs to choose 5 numbers between 01 and 36 from each panel. The player who matches all the 5 drawn numbers will be awarded the jackpot amount. If not, then the collection for that draw or Rs. 1 lakh will be rolled over to the 4 number matches that players have. The maximum that a match 4 player can win after the roll down is Rs. 9000. The balance money will be rolled over to the match 3 winners.

5. Saturday Super Lotto

The ticket price for this Saturday draw lotto game was Rs. 2.05 crores. The lottery ticket to try our luck at this lotto game is just Rs. 20. The results will be revealed on Saturday and it will be drawn between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm. The payer needs to pick a total of 6 numbers from 01 to 49 per panel. If the chosen numbers match with what the computer draws on the draw day, then you will be rewarded with Rs. 2.05 crores. If there is no match, then the jackpot prize will be rolled over to the next draw.

Apart from the daily draws, there are a few weekly draw lottery games that were offered at PlayWin website. They are as follows.

6. MyPlayWin Keno

The Keno is a very popular lottery ticket game that all gamblers from all over the world love to play. If you are very interested in playing the online Keno game, then PlayWin was the Indian site where you could play and win the jackpot prize of Rs.15.50 lakhs. The ticket cost for the Keno game is just Rs. 15. The player needs to choose the number of slots that he would like to bet on in the first place. Then the player has to choose the number of bets that he would like to make per panel. After this, the bettor needs to choose the keno numbers. A maximum of 10 numbers can be chosen. During the keno game draw, there will be 20 numbers that the automated machine will draw. If o you have 10 numbers to match with the 20 numbers drawn, then you take home Rs. 15.50 lakhs. The jackpot amount is the same for every draw.

7. Fast Digit Lottery

As the name suggests, it needs the players to quickly choose the digits from 01 to 31 per panel. The jackpot prize is Rs. 2 lakhs and each ticket cost Rs. 13. You will need to choose 10 digits or 5 numbers and if the draw made during the week matches with the chosen numbers, you get the jackpot prize. If there is no one claiming for all the 10 digits, then the prize money will be rolled over to the next draw.

PlayWin Lotto July 2024 Conclusion

The PlayWin site was a very good lottery that offered a decent range of online lottery titles for the fans from India. It did not hold as many games as you can see in the many online lotteries of the world. The games that were on offer were targeted at the Indian lottery enthusiasts and hence have desi Indian names. It was very easy to register and buy the tickets for the games of your choice on the PlayWin website.

So, if you have not yet tried your luck playing online lotteries, then visit an alternative PlayWin website, such as Betwinner Casino  or Playhugelottos to start playing various lottery selections of your choosing.