10 Top Low Deposit Casino Sites in India

If you are new to the world of online casinos or choose not to risk a high amount in online casinos, then low deposit casino sites are the best option for you! Read on to know about the best low deposit casino sites, what exactly do such casinos offer, the best payment methods on these sites, and a lot more!

Ultimate Low Deposit Casino Sites in 2022



100% deposit bonus
One of the lowest minimum deposit criterion
Secure payment platform
Prompt customer support


Deposit ₹1000, get ₹2000 bonus
Offers 1800+ games
Zero deposit charges
Accepts cryptocurrencies
Royal Panda


100% welcome offer up to ₹1,00,000
Offers a wide range of casino games
Provides 50% free casino bets up to ₹5000
Bonus on every deposit
Jungle Raja


Receive ₹500 sign up bonus without depositing money
Quick customer support
Regular discounts & bonuses/span>
Sleek & attractive UI
Casino Days


100% match bonus
Over 3000 games
Provides VIP package with amazing benefits
Seamless withdrawals
Pure Win


Welcome bonus of up to ₹40,000
Thousands of slots games
Exclusive tie-ups with Indian banks
Live chat support


100% welcome bonus
Exclusive privileges program
Regular casino tournaments
Smooth mobile app


Welcome rewards of up to ₹80,000
Amazing scheme of rewards
Offers no deposit free spins
Seamless mobile browser version


100% welcome bonus
Offers a dedicated VIP scheme
Hosts regular casino tournaments
Accepts all major payment methods


150% welcome bonus up to ₹20,000
Provides 2000+ games
Offers seamless withdrawals
24/7 customer support

Top 10 Low Deposit Casino Sites in India 2022

  1. 22Bet
  2. Casumo
  3. Royal Panda
  4. Jungle Raja
  5. Casino Days
  6. Pure Win
  7. JeetWin
  8. LeoVegas
  9. Rabona
  10. 10Cric

What Exactly Are Low Deposit Casino Sites?

Low deposit casino sites are casinos that allow users to join and play casino games by depositing a meagre amount of money.

As is evident in their names, the biggest draw of such casinos is their relaxed deposit requirements. You can play in such casinos by depositing amounts as low as ₹100 (approx. $1.30). So, if you want to play casino games without risking too much money or have an online casino strategy of playing only with small sums, low deposit casino sites are the best bet for you.

For example:

Casino Site Minimum Deposit
BetWinner Casino ₹75
22Bet Casino ₹75

Best Payment Methods in Low Deposit Casino Sites

You may face the challenge of getting access to limited payment options while making minimum deposits compared to when you are depositing larger sums. We have shortlisted a few of the most popular payment methods which you will almost always find on every reputed low deposit casino site. Here are those payment methods:

1. VISA & Mastercard

VISA and Mastercard are two companies that have long dominated the payment processing systems of almost every financial platform. Almost every debit and credit card carry either of their names, signifying how popular and widespread their reach is.

All low deposit casinos accept VISA and Mastercard, and you will never get stuck for payments if you have these. With debit or credit cards backed by either of the two, making payments in casinos is as easy as shopping online.

Best Visa Low Deposit Casino: 22Bet with ₹75


2. Skrill

Launched at the start of this century in 2001, Skrill is one of the most popular wallets worldwide. It takes only a couple of minutes to sign up and verify your Skrill account, and its global reach and wide range of currency options make it a favourite among low deposit casinos globally.

Skrill provides the option of depositing money into your account in any of the 41 accepted currencies. You can transfer money from your wallet into your casino account using some other currency too.

Top Skrill Low Deposit Casino: Betwinner with ₹75


3. Paytm

India’s very own e-wallet, Paytm, is the oldest electronic wallet built in India. Its mechanism is similar to PayPal, and much of India’s initial success in e-wallet usage can be credited to Paytm. Its UI is sleek, easy-to-use, and widely accepted by low deposit casinos looking to tap the Indian casino market.

Ultimate Paytm Low Deposit Casino: 22Bet with ₹75


4. UPI

A brainchild of the Government of India, Unified Payments Interface or UPI, is a revolutionary way of instantly exchanging money. All one needs to do is generate their UPI ID linking it to any of their bank accounts.

After that, all you need to do is mention that ID on the casino payment platform, and enter your UPI PIN, and your payment is instantly processed in a matter of seconds. There are no charges for transferring money, and nor is there any minimum limit. You can even transfer ₹1 via UPI.

Owing to its robust security network and unimaginable ease in usage, UPI has gained massive popularity as a preferred payment option among low deposit casinos as well as the players.

Best UPI Low Deposit Casino: Betwinner with ₹75



Considered at par with Skrill, NETELLER is another example of a digital wallet that has a global payments network. NETELLER offers a sleek mobile app to manage all your payments and is equipped with safeguards like PCI-DSS compliance, 256-bit encryption, and other security features which ensure that your every rupee is secure.

Great Neteller Low Deposit Casino: 22Bet with ₹75


How to Make Deposits in Low Deposit Casino Sites?

The procedure to deposit money into your low deposit casino account is the same as the standard deposit procedure. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to make deposits in the low deposit casino sites:

  • Step 1: Visit the low deposit casino of your choice. Ensure you are connected to a safe internet network, especially if using a public WiFi network.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account. If you do not have an account, register yourself and log in.
  • Step 3: Choose the option to deposit money. You will be prompted to select a payment method. But before that, check the minimum deposit limit of every method. Check the limits and then select your preferred payment method.
  • Step 4: Enter your payment details. You will also be prompted to save the details for future deposits. Save the details as it helps in easy check-out and withdrawals.
  • Step 5: Enter the payment amount and confirm the payment by entering the PIN or OTP (One-time password).
    That’s it! The payment will be instantly credited to your account and you can proceed to play the game of your choice.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Low Deposit Casino Sites

As with all other casinos, low deposit casinos come with their own share of benefits and drawbacks. We have attempted to cover all the major features of such casinos, while highlighting which of their features make them a big draw among the casino-gaming audience.


Here are some of the major benefits of low deposit casino sites:

  1. Less Risk: Casino games entail their fair share of risk. Lower the deposit money requirement, lesser the risk of losing more money. No rocket science behind that.
    Therefore, many casino players, especially newcomers, feel more comfortable betting with low amounts in the beginning as the loss with low amount bets is also low.
  2. Best for players on a budget: Low deposit casinos open avenues for you to play some of the best casino games, while on a restricted budget.
    Not all players have thousands to spend on casino betting, and such options are a great option for them to have fun within their pre-determined deposit limit.
  3. Provides the same benefits: By now, you must be wondering that there’s definitely something which these casinos do not provide, in order to reduce their operating costs. The answer is a clear NO.
    Low deposit casino sites provide all the benefits of other casinos: bonuses, free spins, extra top-ups, and whatnot. You are not short-changed in terms of your betting experience just because you are depositing a low amount.
  4. Lets you experiment with new games: The online casino betting industry is witnessing rapid growth due to faster broadband connectivity and enhanced digitalisation. In such an enabling environment, casino games developers are constantly launching new games to get a share of the ever-increasing pie of casino players.
    However, players are hesitant to experiment with playing a new game if the deposit amount is high. Low deposit casino sites help players overcome such concerns by offering them the chance to practice and try out new games with a token or a small sum of money.


With several attractive features and benefits, low deposit casinos leave much to desire. However, they have their fair share of limitations which may affect your casino experience. Here are some of the major drawbacks of low deposit casinos:

  1. Average returns: If you are looking to deposit a low sum and make killer profit margins out of it, then sorry, you have chosen the wrong place.
    While yes, low deposit casino sites offer less risk and let you explore more games, the ROI in such casinos is not that high. Well, as they say, you need to put your skin in the game. Higher the deposits, better the potential of higher ROIs.
  2. High withdrawal charges: While not that rampant a practice, some low deposit casino sites use the dirty trick of charging high withdrawal charges to cover up for the lost revenue. Even though they might advertise it as a fast withdrawal service.Such charges dwindle your winnings to a negligible amount or altogether stop you from making a withdrawal until you accumulate a certain minimum sum in your betting account (after which, you are charged the regular withdrawal rates).
  3. Limited payment options: Every payment method entails different operating costs for casino betting sites. In order to balance their offering with costs, certain low deposit casinos often provide only a select few payment options, thereby reducing the payment convenience for you.

Extra Features to Watch Out For

All the leading low deposit casinos have a focus on providing their players with the best features and offers. So, even though you will be playing with the minimum deposits, keep your eyes wide open for the below offers and bonuses:

1. Welcome Deposit Bonuses

One of the most exciting features of all casinos, welcome deposit bonuses are also provided in low deposit casinos. You may have to spend a little more than the minimum deposit limit, but you still get a welcome deposit bonuses against a very small deposit amount.

2. Free Bonuses

Limited to a few games, free bonuses are generally available in low deposit casinos. Check the promos section of the casinos to figure out which games you can play with your free bonuses. You are also able to find no deposit bonuses, but these are very unlikely.

3. Extra spins

Widely offered in slot games, extra spins are regularly offered for popular slot games. Make sure you regularly search for promo codes to avail these offers.

Top 3 Low Deposit Casino Sites Reviews

1. 22Bet

22Bet is an established casino site that offers a wide range of casino games. Moreover, with its minimum deposit requirement of just ₹75, you get a whole lot of features and security. Its collection of 1100+ casino games will keep you hooked and wanting for more. The customer support service is prompt and polite. The only thing lacking is live chat support.

Join 22Bet

2. Casumo Casino

Known for its seamless interface and live casino games, Casumo casino ranks as one of the most popular casinos in India. It has a minimum deposit amount of ₹500 which also gets you a deposit bonus along with it.

Join Casumo

3. Royal Panda

With a top-notch website and a wide list of games, Royal Panda provides a world-class experience to its users. In addition to providing casino and sports games, the casino site also provides access to casino-relevant blogs and other informational sources to educate the users. The minimum deposit amount on the website ranges from ₹800-1,500, depending on the type of payment method.

Join Royal Panda

Low Indian Deposit Casino Sites Final Say

Low deposit casino sites provide a brilliant way to begin your online casino journey. Not only do they minimize risks and take away the mental pressure of playing with too much money, but they are also a good way to get yourself acquainted with how the system works.

Low Deposit Casino Sites FAQs

1. Do we have to make separate accounts if we want to make a minimum deposit?
No, there is no such requirement of making a different account.

2. Which are the best low deposit casino sites?
While it is difficult to single out the best low deposit casino, 22Bet, Casumo, and Royal Panda are the top three low deposit casino sites.

3. Can I play with minimum stakes forever?
Of course. You can play with the minimum deposit amount for whatever period of time you want.

4. Which are the best payment methods on low deposit casino sites?
All the payment methods we have specified above are suited for fast and secure deposits. The payment options you can use ultimately depends on which methods are supported by the casino. However, credit cards, UPI, and digital wallets are usually supported by most casinos and are also preferred by a majority of the players.

5. Are casino winnings taxable?
Casinos do not deduct any taxes from your winnings. However, casino winnings are subject to the tax laws of your country. You must contact your tax advisor for further details and follow the necessary guidelines to avoid any disputes.