Expert Guide to Jhandi Munda Online

Few other board games are as popular in India as Jhandi Munda, which is now available to play online at top casino sites! In this article, we will explain what Jhandi Munda is, how to play it, the payout rules, and much more.

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Top Online Jhandi Munda Casinos

  1. 10 CRIC
  2. 1xBet
  3. PureWin
  4. Jungle Raja


Jhandi Munda is a traditional Indian game that is played with six dice. The game is said to have originated around the 18th century in Arunachal Pradesh, where it grew to be highly popular. It was also played by many British sailors stationed in India back then. Jhandi Munda is one of few gambling games that survived the test of time, and is now played online by casinos players worldwide. It also goes by the name “Crown and Anchor” on many casino sites.

Is It Legal to Play Jhandi Munda in India?

In Arunachal Pradesh, playing Jhandi Munda physically and online is legal, and is even played during festivals. While other states have banned playing Jhandi Munda physically, there is no clear law that prohibits playing Jhandi Munda online. However, to be safe, always check that the operator in question is legitimate and licensed.

How to Play Jhandi Munda Online

After you’ve selected an Indian online casino (we suggested using our list above), navigate to the site’s game portfolio and search for Jhandi Munda.

The game itself is pretty simple. As mentioned earlier, it is played with six dice, each of which displays a unique symbol:

  • Flag (Jhandi)
  • Heart (Paan)
  • Crown (Munda)
  • Club (Chiri)
  • Diamond (Eent)
  • Spade (Hukum)

You will have to bet on a symbol that you think will land face up on any of the dice. If your chosen symbol appears, you win. High winnings will be paid out if the chosen symbol appears multiple times. However, if your chosen symbol doesn’t appear on any of the dice, you lose.

On some sites, Jhandi Munda is played with three dice instead of six.

Jhandi Munda Payout Rules

The way payouts from Jhandi Munda work is quite straightforward, with winnings based on the game’s simple rules. We’ve gone through them below using an example.

Suppose you bet INR 1000 on “Club” to land face up after the dice are rolled. If the club doesn’t appear face up on any of the dice, you lose. However, if the club lands face up on one or more dice, here is how the payout will be calculated:

Scenarios Payout
One dice with club symbol lands face-up You will be paid the staked amount plus one time the staked amount (i.e., INR 2000)
Two dice with club symbol land face-up You will be paid the staked amount plus two times the staked amount (i.e., 3000)
Three dice with club symbol land face-up You will be paid the staked amount plus paid three times the staked amount (i.e., 4000)
Four dice with club symbol land face-up You will be paid the staked amount plus four times the staked amount (i.e., 5000)
Five dice with club symbol land face-up You will be paid the staked amount plus five times the staked amount (i.e., 6000)
Six dice with club symbol land face-up You will be paid the staked amount plus six times the staked amount (i.e., 7000)

Variants of Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda has two variations that are played similarly to the standard version of this game. In one variant, you would have to bet on the symbol that would land face-up on dice the most. This variation is similar to the Chinese dice game, sic bo.

Another version of Jhandi Munda allows you to get a return of 3.4 times the staked amount, irrespective of how often your chosen symbol lands face-up.

Free vs Real-Money Jhandi Munda Online

Most casino sites provide you with the option of playing casino games either for free or with real money.

Playing Jhandi Munda online for free is a great way for you to get used to the game and its rules – even if you lose, you won’t be risking any of your funds. After you feel confident enough, you can go ahead and try your luck on the real thing.

Live vs Virtual Jhandi Munda

Almost every online casino has the option to play games either virtually or live.

In virtual Jhandi Munda, you will be playing against the computer through the casino site, which will roll the dice for you.

In the live casino version, the game is overseen by real-life dealers. You will also have the option to chat with other players and the dealer too, giving you an authentic, land-based experience from the comfort of your own home.

Mobile Jhandi Munda Apps in India

Mobile casinos provide an easily accessible and portable method of playing Jhandi Munda online. With all the features available on desktop sites, mobile betting finds favour with customers who prefer to play on the go.

Top 2 Indian Jhandi Munda Mobile Apps:

1. 10CRIC

10CRIC is one of the best casinos and has one of top Jhandi Munda apps in India, the latter of which is constantly updated so that you get a top-notch user experience. Apart from Jhandi Munda, you can also play other casino games and bet on major sporting events.

Available for both Android and iOS users, the app accepts popular Indian payment methods such as Paytm and Visa/Mastercard. All payments are secured and processed via the safest gateways.

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2. 1xBet

1xBet is another top Jhandi Munda app in India, available to Android and iOS users. Apart from playing Jhandi Munda, the app is also great for sports betting, with scores and live updated odds provided. It also has a wide range of options of live casino games, such as roulette and blackjack.

Currently, 1xBet is trusted by over 400,000 players, and accepts various payment options that are convenient for players in India.

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Jhandi Munda Strategies

Although Jhandi Munda is a game of chance, there are some top online strategies you can use to minimise risk and improve your odds. Let us have a look at them one by one.

  • Hot & Cold Symbol Strategy

In the hot & cold symbol strategy, you keep a record on past outcomes by taking note of the past 20, 30, or 40 rolls. The more you have, the better. Many casino sites even provide this information on their dashboard.

As you gather this data, mark the symbols that appeared the most as hot and the symbol that appeared the least as cold. In the next round, bet on the hot symbols and hope for the best.

  • Low-Risk Two-Symbol Strategy

In this strategy, you place bets on any two symbols at once. This way, even if one of your chosen symbols lands face-up, you will recover your losses. If both the symbols or one of the symbols appear face-up multiple times on the dice, you will land some winnings.

This is one of the safest strategies you can opt for if you want to minimise risk. However, the payout that you will receive from this strategy is lower than the payout you’d get for placing a bet on one symbol.

  • High-Risk Strategy

In the high-risk strategy, you bet on a symbol based on your gut feeling. No need to do any prior research – just go with the flow. The odds of your chosen symbol landing face-up are one in six. While these odds may sound too risky, they are actually much better than other casino games like roulette, where chances of the ball landing on your chosen number are one in 37.

Jhandi Munda Tips and Tricks

  • Study Past Trends and Place Bets Accordingly

Studying past trends before placing any bets is a mathematical way to approach Jhandi Munda. The good thing about opting for this approach is that, with the correct calculations, there is a higher possibility of success. Still, even with such a method, it is impossible to accurately predict any outcome.

  • Determine Your Budget Before Playing

Before you start playing Jhandi Munda, figure out the amount of money you want to keep in your bankroll. This will help you bet responsibly and prevent you from going overboard. As Jhandi Mundia is a game where the outcomes are based on factors that are beyond your control, it is wise to stick to your budget.

  • Know Your Risk Appetite

Once you have determined your budget, the next step would be to set up a limit outlining the amount that you can afford to lose. Be true to your risk appetite, and never chase your losses. Always remember to take a break should you feel the need to do so.

  • Understand When to Quit

You may lose a couple of games one day, you may win plenty the next. Irrespective of whether you have winning or losing streaks, know when to stop. You can also stick to an amount you can win per day and stop playing once you achieve it.

Pros and Cons of Playing Jhandi Munda Online

Pros Cons
  • Assured payouts and withdrawals
  • Regulated environment with 24/7 support
  • Option of playing on multiple tables together
  • Bet smarter with access to live match statistics
  • Play from the comfort of your desktop
  • Fair and random outcomes
  • Play with real and virtual money
  • Mobile betting available
  • Contain losses by setting betting limits online
  • Risk of scam websites (avoidable by following basic precautions)

Best Casinos India – Final Say

Jhandi Munda is a simple to play and has an RTP rate of 97.14% – higher than other casino games. By applying the tricks and strategies explained in this guide, you could reap great rewards while having tons of fun!

Jhandi Munda FAQs:

1. Can I win real money by playing Jhandi Munda?
Yes, of course. All you need is an effective strategy and, of course, plenty of luck!

2. Which are the best online Jhandi Munda casinos in India?
1Bet, 10CRIC, and PureWin are some of the best online casinos to play Jhandi Munda. You can more information on them in our table above.

3. Is it legal to play Jhandi Munda in India?
Although playing Jhandi Munda is expressly banned in some states, there is no statute covering this subject in most of the country. The best thing to do is check the laws in your home state before placing any bets.

4. Can I play Jhandi Munda live?
Yes – there are several sites that offer Jhandi Munda live options similar to roulette, blackjack, and Teen Patti.

5. Is Jhandi Munda known by any other names?
Jhandi Mundia is also known as “Crown and Anchor” in the West, with many casino sites referring to it by this title. In countries northeast of India, such as Nepal and Bhutan, Jhandi Munda is known as “Langur Burja” and “Khorkhore”.


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