Expert Guide for Jhandi Munda Online Game

A traditional board game conceptualised in ancient India, Jhandi Munda is gaining massive popularity in online betting circles. It is an exciting game played using six dice of six sides each and offers multiple opportunities to place bets. In this article, we shall discuss about the origin of the game, tips and strategies to win the game, and the best Jhandi Munda online betting websites.

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What is Jhandi Munda?

Like several ancient board games, not much is known about the origin of the Jhandi Munda game. According to folklore and seasoned players, Jhandi Munda originated in the present Indian state of Arunanchal Pradesh several centuries ago. Widely popular in Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan, the betting game is widely played during the Diwali festival in India.

Jhandi Munda is a betting game and, thus naturally, a game of chance. There is no infallible logic or strategy that guarantees you a win. Such uncertainty is the charm of every betting game and gives the adrenaline joy that every bettor seeks. Before discussing the online format of the game, we will take a look at how the traditional board game is played across geographies in the offline format.

How to Play Jhandi Munda?

The Jhandi Munda board game consists of a board and six pieces of six-sided dice. Each side of the dice has a different symbol. The flat board has boxes with each of the six symbols too. The symbols are:

  • Face (Munda)
  • Flag (Jhandi)
  • Hearts
  • Spade
  • Club
  • Diamond

Players have to predict which symbol will appear face-up after shuffling the dice and make their bets by placing money on the board against that symbol. The game shall have a host for shuffling and rolling the dice. Some game variants even allow the host to place bets assuming that dice-rolling has no scope for cheating. In the real world, the host can cheat in multiple ways. The below illustration will give you a clearer picture of how the game progresses.

Suppose you place a bet for the diamond symbol. If upon rolling the Jhandi Munda dice, the outcome yields the diamond symbol on the face of three of the six dice, you will win the initial bet plus three times the actual bet amount. If the symbol appears on two of the six dice, you will win the initial bet plus twice the actual bet amount. In contrast, if none of the dice yield the diamond symbol face-up, the host is entitled to take the bet amount, and you lose the bet money. There is no limit on the number of rounds in this game, and one can continue to play uninterrupted.

Basic Rules to Ace the Game

The Jhandi Munda game is known for its simplicity and easy gameplay. Here are some basic rules to remember for playing the game correctly and boost your winning chances.

  • It is played with 6 dice of 6 sides each, with symbols on each side.
  • Players should place bets before the dice roll
  • Ideally, the host should not be allowed to bet
  • The host shuffles the dice in a closed box before rolling the dice on the board
  • If your symbol rolls face-up, you get the money instantly.
  • If not, the host takes the money
  • Place bets for the next round, and the game continues
  • There is no limit to the number of rounds

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The Online Jhandi Munda Version

People are increasingly looking forward to playing their favourite games online, and operators are constantly on the hunt for such games to expand their product offerings. Jhandi Munda, popular in the online world as Crown and Anchor, is one such casino game. A popular street game, it is now becoming a hot pick of online casino players because of its simplicity and high winning potential.

The online version has several distinct advantages and lets players enjoy this game from the comforts of their desktops or smartphones. You no longer need to gather people or find a street spot to play this game. All you need to do is search for a trusted casino operator, and you are ready to go.

Can I Play Jhandi Munda Online?

You may have an initial hesitation about virtual or online casinos, and rightly so. The main concern is generally about the authenticity of online casinos. The second common concern is whether the online experience will be as entertaining as the offline version, which involves playing in real-time in the din of bundles of spectators.

Below, we highlight some distinct features of online Jhandi Munda that will dispel your doubts about playing the game online.

1. Safe and Secure Online Playing Environment

Contrary to the opinion of new casino players, the online gaming environment is safe and secure for money betting. Most betting operators have SSL encryption certification for their websites and are PCI-DSS compliant, which keeps your transactions protected. However, some malicious and dubious online casinos operate with the sole aim of duping players of their money. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe in the online casino world:

  • Ensure the site has an ‘https’ certificate in its URL
  • Read reviews on online casino review sites
  • Check its affiliations with gaming authorities
  • Always use a secure and trusted payment gateway

2. Entertainment Factor

Online casinos are designed with attractive visuals and symbols similar to the original game to give players the ‘original’ experience in a virtual environment. Casino operators also provide features like live chatting with fellow players and let players view the game as spectators before placing bets.

3. Easier than Offline casino; Provides Game Rules & History

You can play the game in online casinos without having any prior knowledge, which is not possible in the offline format. Online casinos have play guides for Jhandi Munda that help you understand the game and its rules on the spot and start betting in a few minutes without seeking any external help. Operators also provide information and statistics regarding previous rolls and betting patterns which help you learn the game better. Offline casinos cannot offer such detailed inputs.

4. Bet Comfortably

The traditional Jhandi Munda involves playing with several people around you and may even include playing on the streets. It is a noisy environment, and not all players may like it. Betting in an unregulated environment can also lead to high tempers that may end up in fights. Online playing removes these hurdles and lets you bet in a setting of your choice peacefully.

5. Learn by Playing with Virtual Money

You have to jump in with real money right at the start in offline casinos and gambling dens, whether you know the game or not. In online casinos, you get the opportunity of learning the game with virtual casino money. Once you are comfortable with the game rules and bets, you can proceed to play with real money.

Live Jhandi Munda

Online casino websites give you the choice of playing Jhandi Munda, also known as Crown and Anchor, with other real players in a live environment. The live-play factor is essential for every casino game, and you can find this option on most websites. You can even chat with the dealer/host and other players during the game to amplify your gaming experience.

Some websites even allow the live-play option for beginners who want to play with virtual money by clubbing them with other beginners. The added advantage of live gaming on online casinos is the option of switching tables. If you are losing money on a table, you can easily switch tables mid-way and try your luck on another table.

Pros and Cons of Playing Online

Pros Cons
  • Assured pay-outs and withdrawals
  • Regulated environment with 24/7 support
  • Option of playing on multiple tables together
  • Bet smarter with access to live match statistics
  • Play from the comfort of your desktop
  • No scope of cheating by the dealer
  • Play with real and virtual money
  • Mobile betting available
  • Contain losses by setting betting limits online
  • Easy access to play may develop a gambling addiction
  • Risk of scam websites (avoidable by following basic precautions)

Variants of the Ancient

Online Jhandi Munda offers several exciting variants to players. The traditional gameplay, which is also one of the most popular online variants, offers pay-outs depending on the number of dice which have your bet symbol face-up. The pay-out structure for the original variant is as below: (Number of dice with your Bet Symbol can be Hearts, Club, Spade, Diamond, Flag, Face)

Number of dice  Pay-Out amount


You lose the bet amount to the dealer/host


Initial bet (IB) + 1x of IB


Initial bet (IB) + 2x of IB


Initial bet (IB) + 3x of IB


Initial bet (IB) + 4x of IB


Initial bet (IB) + 5x of IB


Initial bet (IB) + 6x of IB

Some casinos offer a variant where players win a pay-out only if at least two out of the six dice show their bet symbol. That is, even if a single die comes up with your symbol, you lose your wager. Then comes the 3.4x variant. This Jhandi Munda variant has the most straightforward and attractive pay-out structure. In this scenario, whether one die or all dice roll face-up with your symbol, you will only get 3.4 times your bet amount.

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Jhandi Munda Winning Strategies

A game of chance, Jhandi Munda is majorly based on luck. Its simplistic play makes it all the more difficult to draw multiple strategies for winning the game. However, there are specific methods you can use to approach the game that will help you make a bet as objective as possible. The foremost requirement is to learn the rules and symbols of the game. Never place bets unprepared. Online casinos let you play with virtual money, and we highly recommend you to do that if you are new to this game.

Considered a popular strategy in symbol-based games, the hot and cold symbol strategy can be used to a certain extent. This strategy uses data for the past ‘x’ number of rolls (10,20,50, or 100 rolls) to categorise the most repeated symbols face-up as hot and the least repeated symbols face-up as cold. Online casinos readily provide such information on their dashboard. You can start by placing a bet on the hot symbols and hope those symbols roll face-up. Jhandi Munda is an effortless play with no complex variations or patterns from which you can infer the next move. Thus, using the hot and cold symbols is also a strategy completely dependent on luck.

Widely used in gambling games like Blackjack, the Martingale strategy can be used for Jhandi Munda too. It is a risky but rewarding strategy. The strategy is to double the bet amount after every bet you lose until you win so that when you eventually win a bet, all your losses are covered, and you earn a handsome sum too. The key element of this strategy is to immediately stop doubling your bets once you win, as you might lose all your winning money in the next bet itself!

Winning Potential

A fun and simple-to-learn game, Jhandi Munda offers a high winning potential with an RTP of 97.14%, which is excellent for a luck-based game. RTP defines the winning potential of a game, and Jhandi Munda should be a go-to game for players looking to make some money while having a good time.

RTP denotes the percentage of return to the player. Suppose you have USD 100 in your betting wallet and make 100 bets of USD 1 each in an online game with an RTP of 93%. It means that after 100 bets, you stand to make 93 dollars. RTP helps you estimate the loss and accordingly plan your money before placing bets.

How to Win in Jhandi Munda

First of all, read the game rules and understand the basic pay-out structure of the game as explained above. We have discussed the variants above, and most casino websites offer these variants only. However, there can be some minor additions or changes in the variants. Be careful to read the variant structure before placing your bets.

  • Play on Multiple Tables

Spreading risk is a fine betting art, and online casinos allow you to bet on multiple Jhandi Munda tables at once. If you lose on a table, enter another table and play a different tactic to average losses.

  • Do Not Follow Patterns

Jhandi Munda is a lot like Ludo, where the result of the dice-roll is not predetermined. Online casinos have algorithms that throw up random symbols. You are free to draw patterns by looking at the past data but always remember, the actual result is impossible to gauge in advance. If your predicted pattern comes up, you are plain lucky and nothing else.

  • Manage Money and Set a Limit

Play this game only for entertainment. Apportion a sum for betting that does not hamper your other monetary commitments. Do not consider gambling as your primary source of income. In fact, consider it as that sum of money that will not affect an iota of your lifestyle if you lose it all. It is a pure game of luck, and winning big one day does not mean you will win the next day; you may lose double the next day or even win double. No one knows what happens next. Set a betting limit in your casino account to not be tempted to go on an unplanned betting spree.

  • Know When to Stop

The key to winning money by betting is knowing when to stop. If you have a good run making money on a betting day, do not be tempted to bet more and more. Set a target and stop playing once you have won that sum. Same in case of losses. Plan how much money you can lose in a day, and do not go on a revenge betting mode by placing higher bets to recover your lost money.

Mobile Apps for Jhandi Munda Betting

Mobile casinos are a popular form of online casino betting and provides an easily accessible method of playing the Jhandi Munda game online. It provides all the features available on desktop betting websites and finds favour with customers who prefer to play on the go.

Is Mobile Play Worth it?

Mobile betting offers all the advantages and features of desktop betting and lets you bet on the move just by opening your app. Here are some more benefits of mobile betting:

  • Simple one-time log in required
  • Place bets on the click of a button
  • Better user interface

You may not carry your laptop everywhere but smartphones are something that people have with them at all times of the day. Using mobile betting helps you place bets whenever you want, from wherever you want.

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Final Word

Jhandi Munda is an exciting yet simple betting game that is already popular in India. Its online version is also gaining popularity across countries due to its easy game rules and a high RTP of 97.14%. We recommend this game for beginners and seasoned players looking to make money in luck-based casino games by learning some quick strategies and easy tricks.


1. Is Jhandi Munda betting legal in India?
Betting as a subject is not comprehensively legislated in India. In some states, it is expressly banned. There is no statute covering this subject in most Indian states, while some states in north-eastern India have legalized betting. The right thing to do is check the legal status of betting in your home state before placing any bets. If other forms of betting, such as cricket betting are allowed, Jhandi Munda betting will also be allowed.

2. Is the game known by any other names?
Jhandi Munda is popular in several Asian countries. In India, it is also known as Jhanda Bhurja. It is known by Langur Burja and Khorkhore in countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. It is popularly known as Crown and Anchor in western countries, and you might find casino websites offering the game under this name.

3. Are there live playing options for Jhandi Munda?
Live playing is one of the most exciting parts of casino games, and various variants of games such as Roulette and Teen Patti are available. Several websites offer the live-play option in Jhandi Munda with the extra features of chatting with the dealer and other players.