Most Effective Online Casino Winning Strategies

Casino games require a certain amount of luck to win, but there are specific strategies that can help maximise your winnings and minimise your losses. In this casino strategy review, we discuss a few common tips applicable to all games, followed by a more in-depth look at individual games of chance and skill.

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7 Best Casino Strategy and Tips for Indian Players

Below are a few essential things to keep in mind and remember before playing a casino game. While they won’t 100% guarantee wins, they can definitely improve your overall chances of winning.

Best Online Casino Winning Tips:

It’s as much about math as it is about luck

Take it slow

Learn how to predict losses

Play games with the lowest house edge

Take part in casino tournaments

Don’t be misled by high odds

Set playing limits

1. It’s as Much About Math as It Is About Luck

Games of chance like roulette or dice games all depend heavily on luck, but knowing the probability of the odds at hand can help predict specific results.

For example, rather than betting on a single number and specific colour when playing roulette, bet on multiple numbers to increase your probability of winning. The reward might not be as high, but you can greatly reduce your losses by using this casino strategy.

2. Take It Slow

Placing your first few bets can seem exciting. You might feel like going all out, placing your trust in Lady Luck to help you score a big win. However, this could end up being a recipe for disaster, as it is highly likely that you might lose all your money.

Betting requires a lot of patience, so having a casino strategy and keeping your bets consistent and less erratic is more likely to net you an overall profit in the long run.

3. Learn How To Predict Bet Losses

It might be hard to predict a winning bet because, unless it’s a royal flush in poker, you can’t be sure if you have a winning hand. So when placing a bet, learn this casino strategy to recognise when you might lose a game.

For example: In poker, if you have a three of a kind of Aces on your first hand, and the cards revealed on the table might seem to make a straight or a flush pattern for the other players, it’s better to fold than hope for a four of a kind.

4. Play Games With the Lowest House Edge

House edge is the percentage advantage a casino holds over you statistically. If a game has a higher house edge, then it means that you are more likely to lose than win, increasing the casino’s overall profit.

Slots, for example, might have as high as 10-15% house edge as the amount of money you spend and the likelihood of you getting the winning odds is far apart. Meanwhile, games like blackjack and baccarat have a lower house edge as the sample space is much lower, and the chances of you placing winning odds is higher.

5. Take Part in Casino Tournaments

Many online casinos host tournaments regularly, either for one specific game or a combination of many. Seize these opportunities, as these competitions distribute prizes based on leaderboard rankings.

A few casinos dole out bonuses up to the 100th position, which means that simply participating in these competitions could help you win rewards. So, with this casino winning strategy, you could win a range of prizes from free spins on slots to actual cash that you can spend at the casino.

6. Don’t Be Misled by High Odds

Try not to gravitate towards high-risk games solely in hopes of winning a jackpot prize – rarely do such outcomes end up occurring.

Instead, slowly build up your bankroll with small stakes and small wins, occasionally trying your hand at bigger wagers. This can reduce your risk, protect your funds and slowly increase your confidence as a player.

7. Set Playing Limits

Before you start playing, set a strict budget, as even the best casino strategy can’t accurately predict the game’s outcome. The idea here is to spread your overall bankroll across various games, instead of using it all up on just one or two.

Casino Roulette Strategy

Roulette is an exciting game to play as it is mostly about chances and luck, resulting in many unexpected results, both negative and positive. There are a few specific strategies in Roulette that you can apply to increase your chances of winning more or losing less, but these come with an equal amount of risk. Below mentioned are two of these strategies:

  1. Martingale System – This roulette casino strategy is commonly used for online games. It suggests you start with low odds bets and double your way to higher odds after every loss. This way, you eventually might get the big win to make back all the money you lost.
  2. D’Alembert System –This casino strategy requires you to up your bets with small increments after every loss instead of doubling them. But when you eventually win, decrease your next bet with the same amount you previously increased. This way, your earnings will ultimately peter out. The risk factor here isn’t as high as the Martingale system, making it a safer approach.

Casino Strategy Slots

Slots on online casinos can be fun, but it’s important to manage your bankroll carefully to prevent yourself from going overboard. So before you start gaming, pick the appropriate casino strategy that works for you from below:

  1. Not all slots work the same way, meaning that landing wins is not only about blindly pressing the spin button. A lot depends on how many reels there are, as well as the special features offered and the betting range allowed. Read up on the slot game and its layout before playing.
  2. Set a budget and stick to it. Keeping track of how much money you spend per spin – this can help you play responsibly.
  3. Certain online casinos have promo codes for specific slots, or weekly bonuses that grant some free spins. Always check the promo section when comparing the best Indian online casinos before you sign up and start playing.

Live Casino Strategy

Live casino games capture the fun and excitement of playing in a physical casino. But before you jump in, make sure you keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Check the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for the game you want to play – this is a term used to describe the amount of money that a casino game or casino slot pays back to its players on average.
  2. Choose games designed by reliable and renowned live casino game providers to avoid scams or unfair practices.

Blackjack Casino Strategy

Blackjack can be a rewarding game as it has a relatively lower house edge, with the varying odds usually favouring the player. However, in order to land consistent winnings, check out the best casino strategy from our list down below:

  1. If the dealer’s upcard is a 2 or 3, and you have a hard 12 or 13 in your hand, consider hitting rather than standing as in the long run. Hitting will get you more wins than standing at a hard 12 or 13, even at the risk of busting.
  2. If the dealer’s upcard is a 9, 10, or Ace, and you have a hard 15 or 16, call your losses early, as your probability to win the game significantly decreases against that high of an upcard.
  3. A hard 11 is the best set of cards you could be dealt. If you get your hands on that pair, double down, as your probability to win the hand in this circumstance increases significantly.

Casino Hold’em Strategy

A game of Texas Hold’em poker has a base amount of luck, but skill also plays a crucial role here. It is essential to know how to react appropriately to the cards you’ve been dealt instead of blindly rushing through the game. Let’s look at the best online casino winning strategy for a game of Texas Hold’em poker:

  1. It is unwise to play all the preflop hands dealt to you. Determine a set of playable preflop hands that could result in a three of a kind or above.
  2. Whatever hand you play, play it as aggressively as possible to confuse the table. They won’t know if you have a solid hand or are bluffing your way through the game.
  3. Know when to fold. Even if you are too deep in the game, you can always fold to avoid losing more money. It is wiser to fold than go on when you can’t get a read of the room and are equally unsure about your cards.

Casino Strategy Review Final Say

No one casino game strategy can give you an assured victory, as casino games at the end of the day require a good amount of luck. But the tips provided through this article will work in your favour if appropriately applied. So, play responsibly, study your chosen casino strategy well, and above all, have fun!

Casino Strategy FAQs

1. What does “house edge” mean?

House edge is a percentage value that determines a casino’s advantage over you as a player. If the house edge of a game is high, say 10-15%, then the probability of you winning is lower.

2. Which is the best casino strategy?

Strategies differ between games, so there isn’t a “best strategy” as such. However, keeping track of your expenditure and allotting a certain amount of money to each game will help you save a lot of money.

3. What are the top online casinos?

We would recommend Casumo, 22Bet, and Parimatch.

4. What is the best casino strategy for online slots?

Reading up on all features and rules of the slot in question and claiming any bonuses offered is probably the best casino strategy here.

5. What is the easiest and most winnable casino game?

Games like blackjack and baccarat can be learnt quickly and have a lower house edge, increasing the probability for you to win more.