A Comprehensive Guide to The Best Jackpot Slots Online in 2022

Jackpot slots offer the ultimate thrill factor without taking much time to play. These are high-octane, quick-result games that are favourites among every casino lover. In this jackpot slots review, we will talk about the different types of slot games, how a player can maximise one’s winnings, the legality surrounding casinos in India, and our recommendations for the best online casinos for you to try your luck.

Top 5 Jackpot Slots Sites in India 2022



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Are Jackpot Slots Legal in India?

The Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998 made provisions for every Indian State to authorise and regulate lottery and other gambling-related games within their jurisdiction.

Although some states have prohibited lottery and gambling completely, many others have allowed it. The presence of 21 land-based casinos across India shows that they are not illegal.

But when it comes to online casinos, the law can be a little tricky. No explicit provisions are laid down either by the Lotteries (Regulation) Act of 1998 or any other subsequent acts that apply directly to online lottery.

Because of this, many online casinos have started offering their services in India, offering a variety of games for players to play. In short, it is safe to say that jackpot slots are not illegal in India. A large number of reputable online casinos registered outside India have made significant growth in the Indian online gambling market. Online casinos are already huge in India, with a report suggesting that almost 40% of all internet users in India gamble.

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5 Biggest Jackpot Slot Games in 2022

  1. Mega Moolah:
    Developed by Microgaming, Mega Moolah is a progressive video online slot game with 5×3 grids and 25 paylines. The RTP of the game is around 90%. Mega Moolah is based on a wildlife-theme and offers several added features like up to 30 free spin and multiple bonus rounds.
  2. Age of Gods:
    Age of Gods by Playtech is an exciting progressive jackpot slot game consisting of 5×3 grids with 20 paylines. Age of Gods offers four free game modes consisting of several win multipliers for you to multiply your winnings. The game’s RTP is around 95.02%.
  3. Jackpot Raiders:
    Yggdrasil’s Jackpot Raiders utilises 5×3 grids with 20 paylines. During every spin, 3.8% of each player’s wager is added to the final jackpot and bonuses. Jackpot Raiders offer two bonus games and two free spins to every player. Worth noting is that the game’s RTP, that stands at 96.3%.
  4. Holmes & the Stolen Stones:
    Developed by Yggdrasil Gaming Software, Holmes and the Stolen Stones is a 5×3 grids progressive slot game with 20 paylines. It is based on the character of Sherlock Holmes. The RTP of the game is at 96.8%, with players able to receive bonuses of more than $150 and up to 20 free spins.
  5. Leprechaun’s Luck:
    Leprechaun’s Luck is a popular progressive slot game developed by Playtech, consisting of a 5×3 grid and 20 paylines. The game offers a lucrative bonus called the ‘Rainbow of Wealth bonus’, which offers the players a chance to win up to 1000x their original stake. Also, Leprechaun’s Luck has an RTP of 88.01%.

Different Types Of Jackpot Slots Online

Slot games can be classified into different types based on how the prize money is accumulated and the total number of players:

  • Fixed Jackpot Slots

As the name suggests, the total payout does not increase with each bet in fixed jackpot slot games. Since the final jackpot amount remains the same, winning it can be challenging. The requirement to win the jackpot is to match five of the rarest symbols in the slot machine. Payouts are generally between 1000x or 10000x your bet.

  • Progressive Jackpot Slots

The total prize pool in progressive jackpot slot games keeps increasing with every new bet. This happens because a portion of every player’s wager is added to the total jackpot prize. It is the most popular jackpot game, with players having the possibility to win over $10 million cash prize.

  • Local Jackpot Slots

This is a type of progressive jackpot where the total payout accumulated comes from within a particular casino’s premises, whether land-based or online. So, only the player bets from within the premises of the casino are collected. Because of the limited wagers, the total payout is relatively smaller, but the odds of winning are pretty high because there are relatively fewer players.

  • Network Progressive Jackpot Slots

In this type of jackpot, player bets from around the world are accumulated to form the total jackpot amount. The payout is also huge since there are significantly more players compared to local jackpots. Players can win up to $10 million. But the odds of winning are low because of the consequentially large number of players.

How To Play Jackpot Slots?

Some casinos allow the player to win the jackpot slot’s total payout amount by matching several unique symbols on a line. In bonus rounds, many casinos allow the players to spin a wheel, like roulette and place a bet on a particular number or colour to win. Players can also win by matching a set of cards.

Several jackpot slot games also hand out random cash prizes to the participants. It is done to attract players to their online casinos. All the players have to do is spin a wheel, and the game randomly selects a winner out of the blue.

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Bitcoin Jackpot Slots

In addition to the traditional slot games, bitcoin jackpot slots allow players to play roulette and dice jackpots. Due to the ever-growing popularity of bitcoin casinos, more and more bitcoin jackpot slots are being developed for players.

Like traditional jackpots, bitcoin jackpot slot games also have progressive and fixed jackpots. The payouts are rather substantial, and the odds of winning are significantly higher because comparatively fewer players participate in these jackpot slots.

The customer support for bitcoin jackpot slot games at most casinos is impressive, and so is the wide variety of games available for players. Crypto casinos also accept a multitude of payment options which is convenient for the players.

Here are a few things you should remember while playing a bitcoin jackpot slot:

  • Always play with a reputable bitcoin casino
  • Go with a bitcoin casino that offers a wide variety of games from reputed developers like Yggdrasil and Playtech.
  • Choose a bitcoin/ cryptocurrency casino that suits your needs – whether you want regular payouts in small amounts or less frequent payouts in large amounts.
  • Look for a bitcoin/ cryptocurrency casino that offers signing-in bonuses without making an initial deposit.

Bitcoin casinos generally require you to pay lesser processing fees than the traditional slots. Since there are no middlemen, the processing time of your winnings is also fast. They also pay better bonuses and are good at protecting your privacy.

Despite its apparent advantages, playing bitcoin jackpot slots can be risky. The main reason is cryptocurrency’s volatile nature and sudden currency value fluctuations. Also, players have fewer legal resources as the regulation around cryptocurrencies is minimal, especially in India.

The best tip for beginners is for them to start small. Get a feel of how things are progressing before going big. Also, play the bitcoin jackpot slot games with comparatively higher RTP.

Fixed vs Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpot The final jackpot prize money is fixed. The final jackpot prize money varies with every bet that is placed.
Payout The payout for fixed jackpot slot games is not as high as progressive slots. The possibility of making huge, life-changing winnings. Winning millions of dollars.
Extra features Typically mundane. No side games or additional bonuses. Highly entertaining with the possibility of winning extra bonus money along with the jackpot prize money.
Availability Available in fewer casinos. Available in most casinos. The most popular jackpot slot game.
Winnings odds Higher odds of winning the jackpot. Slim odds of winning the jackpot.
House edge Lower house edge Higher House edge.
Bet limits Maximum bets are not mandatory Maximum bets are often mandatory.

Tips To Master Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots

Computer algorithms eventually determine the winner and other outcomes of progressive slots games. The player almost entirely depends on luck as the game does not require its players to be skilful or have any specific casino strategy.

The odds of winning a progressive jackpot slot are also pretty slim due to the vast majority of players competing simultaneously. However, there are hacks and tactics that the players can use to achieve the maximum returns on the money they put into the game. Here are a few of them:

  • Set aside a fund for progressive jackpot slot games. Do not spend more than what you have initially budgeted for the game.
  • Do extensive research on the casinos before playing progressive jackpot slot games. Check their bonus policies, winnings processing time, reputation, total jackpot prize money, etc.
  • Ensure that you bet a good amount of budgeted money on the main jackpot.
  • Choose the jackpot slot games with the lowest RTP and the most considerable variance rates. This gives you a better chance at winning rewards.
  • Play as many bonus modes of progressive jackpot slot games as you can. This ensures that you get instant cash prizes, albeit in lesser amounts but more frequently. Since the odds of winning the main jackpot are slim, winning smaller amounts in bonus rounds helps cut your losses.

Biggest Jackpot Slots Wins

Here is a list of the biggest online jackpot slot wins ever:

Mega Moolah $23.6 million was by a player from Belgium. 2021
Mega Moolah $23.5 million was won by an anonymous player from the United States. At the time, this player held the Guinness World Record for being the highest online jackpot champion. 2018
Mega Fortune A Finnish man won $21 million. 2013
Mega Fortune Jonathan Heywood from Chesire, UK, won $20 million at the Betway casino. 2015
Arabian Nights A player from Norway won $17.3 million. 2011
Hall of Gods $8.6 million was won by another player from Norway. 2017

Online Jackpot Slots India Final Say

So, the question is whether jackpot slot games are meant for you. And what type of jackpot slots are suitable to your needs. Despite all the advantages, players must proceed with caution and be responsible. Setting up a fixed budget for online slot games is the first step. Adequate research into the casino’s authenticity is vital as well. Strategizing is crucial.

Because the odds of winning progressive jackpot slots are minimal, it is wise to put some money into bonus games, where you can win cash prizes more frequently, albeit in smaller sums. There are life-changing payouts offered by casinos, exceeding millions of dollars. Take a look at our recommendations of top online casinos and their prize money and get into the thrilling world of online jackpot slot games.

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Jackpot Slots FAQs

  1. How are the winnings in jackpot slots paid out?
    The winnings from slot games are directly paid to your bank account or other registered payment method, the details of which you provide while registering to an online casino. As to how the winnings are paid out, it depends on the casino. Some casinos pay off the winnings all at once, some in monthly instalments and some in yearly instalments.
  2. Which is the best jackpot slot site in India?
    We have already listed the top five jackpot slot sites in India based on several parameters like variety of games, privacy, payments, and safety. It is not possible to pinpoint one particular site as the best as that would be unethical for us to do as a review site. However, Casumo, LeoVegas, and bet365, figure in our list of the top three jackpot slot sites in India.
  3. What is the biggest progressive jackpot slot win ever?
    The biggest progressive jackpot slots prize money was $40 million in a casino called ‘Excalibur’ in Las Vegas. This happened in 2003. For online players, the biggest win was $24 million in 2021 in Mega Moolah.
  4. How are jackpot slots winners decided?
    A computer algorithm called Random Number Generator (RNG) decides the winning combination. It is purely based on luck.
  5. What is ‘House Edge’ in gambling?
    The ‘House Edge’ is the mathematical advantage that the ‘house’ or casino has over you regarding your probability of winning the jackpot and how much the casino earns. As you keep playing again and again in the same casino, the ‘House Edge’ of a casino increases, meaning that the more you play, the casino earns more from you.
  6. Are online jackpot slots safe to play?
    Yes, online jackpot slot games and casinos are absolutely legit. However, before choosing an online casino, ensure that it has a valid license and conforms to the regulations.