Biggest Lottery Winners in India in 2023

Which one of us hasn’t imagined winning the lottery? For a lucky few, this dream became reality! In this article, we talk about the biggest lottery winners in India and list the best lotteries to choose from in the country.

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9 Biggest Lottery Winners in India

Many state governments host state lotteries in India, with multiple people winning lakhs of rupees every week – some even caught a big break by fetching crores of rupees!

Here is a list of the nine biggest lottery winners in India:

1. Porunnan Rajan, ₹12 crores

From a daily wage labourer to a crorepati, Rajan won the Kerala lottery for Christmas-New Year 2021. The ticket’s cost was comparatively high at ₹300, but it was definitely worth every rupee!

2. Sharafuddin, ₹12 crores

You don’t expect a lottery ticket seller to win a jackpot, but when Sharafuddin spotted the winning ticket from his unsold lot, he went to claim his prize. Although situated in Tamil Nadu, he reaped the reward of the Kerala Christmas-New Year 2020 bumper lottery and became one of the biggest lottery winners in India.

3. Ananthu Vijayan, ₹12 crores

Ananthu, a 24-year-old clerk working at a temple, bought the Thiruvonam Bumper 2020 lottery ticket as a joke with his friends. But, in a surprising turn of events, it fetched him a ₹12 crores jackpot. Coming from humble beginnings in Kerala, we can hardly think of a more deserving winner!

4. Dr. Kirti Ashok Patel, ₹7.87 crores

Back when Playwin lotteries were up and running, Kirti was persuaded into buying lottery tickets after one of her clients won a prize draw held by the company. She wasn’t expecting one of those tickets to make her one of the biggest lottery winners in India.

5. M. Bensraj, ₹5.2 crores

Bensraj, a mason from Kannur in Kerala, regularly bought lottery tickets for most of his life. When Playwin’s online lottery started running across the country, he tried his luck. He became the first recipient of the newly introduced jackpot, sealing his spot as one of the biggest lottery winners in India.

6. Akshit Kumar Jain, ₹2.83 crores

There are times when luck is heavily in your favour, as it was for Akshit, who became the youngest Playwin jackpot winner ever. The retailer who sold the lottery ticket also got a 1% commission, which comes out to a lot considering the massive pool prize.

7. Saraswati Bhagare, ₹1.50 crores

Saraswati started her habit of buying lottery tickets when she accidentally won ₹500 in the Rajshree Powerball Lotto game. This motivated her to keep buying tickets until she won the jackpot. Bhagare plans to fulfil her dream of opening a restaurant with her prize money.

8. Mojiful Sheikh, ₹1 crore

Mojiful, a construction labourer working in Kerala, bought a lottery ticket on a whim – only to end up with a whopping ₹1 crore in winnings!

9. RP Manoharan, Multiple lotteries

Most of us hope to win just one lottery in our lifetime, but Manoharan caught the big fish three years in a row. Hailing from Kerala, Manoharan bought tickets for most of his 65 years of life. So when he won 65 lakhs from his first jackpot, he continued buying them out of habit. He wasn’t expecting to win two more times in the subsequent years.

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Biggest Winners of International Lotteries in India

Ever since Playwin’s lotteries shut down, there haven’t been any state-run online lotteries that all of India can participate in. This caused many citizens to try their luck out in international lotteries on sites such as Although people worldwide participate, a few Indians got lucky and won prizes worth millions of dollars!

Lotto247 Winners in India

Lingaraju D, a health inspector from Bengaluru, India, was overwhelmed with joy when he received the information about him winning the lottery in June 2020. A chance purchase of a Lotto247 Mega Millions lottery brought him windfall gains worth ₹3.80 crores!

US Powerball Winners in India

Several Indian players got lucky with the US Powerball. Nandall Mangal, used a Powerball scratch card – little did he know that he would end up winning approximately ₹1,719 crores ($245.6 million). Another Indian, retiree Ushakiran Patel, got lucky and won approximately ₹7 crores ($1 million) in 2018.

MegaMillions Winners in India

22-year-old Sandeep Singh won a whopping ₹210 crores ($30.5 million) when he played the lottery – what a stroke of luck!

World’s Biggest Lottery Winners

While winning ₹1 crore can seem like a pipe dream to most, the more people participate in lotteries worldwide, the bigger the prize pool.

Below are some extremely lucky individuals who’ve won the world’s biggest lotteries.

1. Powerball Jackpot: $1.586 Billion

Lottery prizes in the USA had crossed the $100 million mark a while before, but in 2016, it was the first time in history that a jackpot had crossed the $1 billion mark. When the results for the pot were announced, it was found that there were three winning tickets.

The prize was agreed to be split three ways, with each winner getting the option of a direct lump sum payout worth $327.8 million. Two of the winners, John Robinson and Maureen Smith, chose the lump sum, while Mae and Marvin Acosta decided to donate most of the money to charity.

2. Mega Millions Jackpot: $1.537 Billion

After the billion-dollar Powerball lottery in 2016, Mega Millions decided to host a lottery for the jackpot. Although it couldn’t break Powerball’s record, the Mega Millions jackpot winner was the first to win a billion-dollar prize all to themselves.

Hailing from South Carolina, the winner never publicly accepted the winnings to keep their identity private, but they took home a whopping $878 million in cash. It was the ticket’s seller, a K.C. mart owner in the state, who came forward, receiving a small share of the cut as commission.

3. Mega Millions Jackpot: $1.05 Billion

A good strategy when taking part in a big lottery is to buy multiple tickets as a group. This is precisely what happened when a lottery club from Detroit participated and won the second-largest Mega Millions lottery. This syndicate consists of four individuals who wish to keep their identities secret.

However, it was later found out that the club decided to opt for a $776 million lump sum, which came out to around $557 million after tax deductions.

4. Powerball Jackpot: $768.4 Million

Recorded as the second-largest Powerball jackpot ever held, Manuel Franco, a 24-year-old from Wisconsin, bought a ticket and won. In doing so, he secured a place among the youngest winners of a Powerball jackpot in history.

Franco mentioned that he’d been buying lottery tickets ever since he was 18, but had never imagined winning $768 million. His goal before winning the lottery was to save up a meagre $1,000.

In an interesting turn of events, Franco’s name grew infamous among impostors using his identity to scam innocent and uninformed individuals.

5. Powerball Jackpot: $759 Million

Mavis Wanczyk, from Massachusetts, was the recipient of the biggest single-ticket lottery win at the time. She didn’t even know that she’d won the lottery. A friend of hers, who luckily caught wind of the lottery draw, broke the news to her.

Before the jackpot win, Wanczyk worked in patient care in a medical centre, but after getting the news, she immediately quit her job. Due to the public announcement of her victory, Mavis also fell prey to many cases of identity thefts and scams.

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Top Lotteries in India

We’ve talked about the biggest lottery winners in India and worldwide. However, to be in the chance of winning big prizes, you need to know which lottery to buy a ticket from. So, let’s discuss some of the top lotteries India offers.

Which Is the Biggest Lottery in India?

The biggest state-run lottery in India is held in Kerala. Prices range from a couple of lakhs rupees to 12 crores during festival bumper lotteries like Christmas and New Year. Kerala lotteries are typically held every day, with results announced the week after. However, you can participate in online lotteries in Kerala to try and win a bigger jackpot.

Highest Lottery Prize in India

The biggest lottery winners in India usually end up winning crores of rupees. But the highest lottery prize ever awarded by a state-run lottery was ₹17.29 crores to Jaiprakash Jaiswal, a scrap trader in Kolkata. This jackpot was part of the online Sikkim Super Lotto, which has now shut down.

Biggest Lottery Winners in India Final Say

It isn’t impossible to win the lottery. As we’ve seen above, most lottery winners are ordinary people who simply got lucky.

Having said that, getting randomly picked from millions of people isn’t the easiest or most commonplace thing in the world. But if you’re persistent enough and use strategies like the multi-ticket purchase or syndicate purchases, you might also land a jackpot one day – who knows?

Biggest Lottery Winners in India FAQs

  1. Is participating in a lottery legal in India?
    Yes, absolutely. 13 out of the 28 Indian states host their state-run lotteries that you can participate in. It is also legal to buy lottery tickets from international lotteries online.
  2. Which is the most genuine lottery in India?
    If you want to play it safe, you should opt for the government-run lotteries available to play in most states. But for a bigger prize draw, you can opt for online lotteries. Powerball and Mega Millions are among the more genuine lotteries that offer millions of dollars.
  3. Which state lottery is the best in India?
    The best state lottery in India is held in Kerala, which held the first state government-run lottery in 1967. Ever since then, they have held weekly and bumper festival lotteries with prizes going up to ₹12 crores.
  4. Can Indians participate and win in the US Powerball lottery?
    Anyone with an internet connection can head to one of the lottery sites mentioned above and purchase a Powerball lottery ticket. There have also been Indians previously who’ve won the Powerball lottery.
  5. What are some of the best online lottery sites in India?
    Lottoland, Multilotto, and Lotto 247 are among the best lottery sites to visit in India.

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