The Best Online Keno Casino Sites in India

Keno is one of the simplest and most entertaining lottery-based casino games that can potentially give you a huge payout. We discuss below the best Keno casino sites, the game’s variations, and useful tips and terms to know.

Top Indian Keno Casino Sites in 2024

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leovegas India


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Bitcoin casino games available
king billy300


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Crypto games and slots
betwinner logo


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Jungle Raja


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mbit casino


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Keno games online
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What Is Keno?

Originally from China and sometimes still called “Boc Hop Bu”, keno is a lottery game usually played in casinos. Around the 1800s, it spread worldwide, with certain regions referring to it as “Puck-Apu”.

There are various ways one can play keno, as it is an easily customisable game. But, the ultimate point of every variation is to get the most matches or hits as the numbers are called.

Is the Game Available Online?

Yes – the online casinos listed above have not one, but many different variations of keno, each one with different rules. Since it is a quick, lottery-based game, keno casino sites have increased in popularity among many players looking for a chance-based game with a huge payout.

How to Play Keno

Keno works in similar manner to other lottery games, wherein you have a card with a set of numbers that you need to match with those that are called out. The game offers multiple payouts, and with different variations, your probability of winning money increases. Let us look at the rules below:

Keno Rules

In the classic version of keno, usually available in keno casino sites, players choose numbers from a 1-80 range. (You are allowed to select up to 20 numbers for your card). After you have confirmed your choice, 20 numbers are selected at random through an RNG (Random Number Generator) or a ball machine. The more your guesses match the called-out numbers, the higher your payout.

The payout also depends on how many numbers you have chosen. For example, if you have selected 20 numbers, the probability of matching five numbers is relatively high, resulting in a lower payout. But if you get five numbers out of a selection of 10, your payout is much higher.

It is almost impossible to get a 20/20 match in classic keno, as the probability of that happening is 1 in 3.5 quintillion! But getting that match would result in a jackpot victory, combining and paying you for all the other possibilities as well.

How to Shortlist Keno Casino Sites

Selecting the right platform among the various keno casino sites is crucial to maximising your returns, as there are a lot of casinos to choose from these days. To ensure that you select the best keno casino site, make sure you look consider the following factors:

  • Safety & Security

All the keno casino sites we have listed above are appropriately licensed and meet the basic security measures to protect your finances. In addition, the accepted payment methods are PCI-compliant, with sites secured through 128-bit SSL certification or similar technology.

  • Bonuses & Promotions

The promotions offered by keno casino sites matter, as they give you advantages and incentives that could result in more rewards and payouts. Many casinos also have daily and weekly tournaments that increase the fun of playing keno casino games.

  • INR Availability 

While many keno casino sites offer services to Indian users, they do not necessarily accept INR, or Indian payment methods like UPI or Paytm. This results in having to convert your rupees, thus incurring exchange fees, which can total to a high amount after several transactions. With other things in place, prefer casinos that accept instant INR deposits and withdrawals requests so that you do not have to bear extra costs.

Types of Online Keno Games

As previously mentioned, there are different variations of keno that are played worldwide, many of which are available to play on keno casino sites.

Each of these Indian game variations pops up in some form of theme online – only to serve a visual purpose unless mentioned otherwise, however. Below, we look at the types of keno games available.

  • Classic Keno

As discussed earlier, classic keno is the most common version of the game available, where players can choose up to 20 numbers from a range of 1-80 for a chance at a bigger payout.

  • Multi-Card Keno

A few online versions allow you to buy multiple keno cards, wherein you can choose multiple sets of numbers for the same game to win a congregated payout.

  • Progressive Jackpot Keno

In this version, the total jackpot increases with each bet placed. Additionally, the game randomly offers bonus prizes that add a multiplier to your payout or award you extra money.

  • Mini Keno

Mini Keno is a halved version of the classic game, where you get to pick up to 10 numbers from a range of 1-40.

  • Power Keno

Power Keno follows all the classic game rules, but with one addition. If your number matches the 20th drawn number, your winnings are quadrupled for that round.

  • Super Keno

This variation also follows all the rules of classic keno, but if your number matches the 1st number drawn, your winnings are quadrupled for the round.

Online Keno Formats

Now that we have talked about the types of keno lottery games online, let us look at the different formats out there:

  • Slot Keno

Slot keno games dominate most online casinos, with almost all gaming websites offering some version of this format. It plays out the same way as the original, but in a faster way, with an RNG determining the numbers instead.

  • Live Dealer Keno

The live casino version of keno involves a dealer using a ball machine to call out numbers randomly. This increases the excitement and anticipation of the game as the numbers are picked in real time, giving more value to the stakes.

  • Mobile Keno

Instead of logging in to a casino website through your PC or laptop, you can use keno casino sites through a mobile app. This gives you the same experience but with an added comfort and portability aspect.

  • Free Online Keno

Many keno casino sites offer players the chance to play the game for free through demo versions of the game, allowing you to get some practice in before the trying out the real thing. Or maybe you just want to play keno for fun!

Keno Demo

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Tips to Win on Keno Casino Sites

Although keno is a lottery game that is almost entirely dependent on chance and luck, there are strategies you can apply to increase your winning chances. Mentioned below are tips on how to win at keno:

1. Know the Odds

It’s impossible to accurately predict the winning numbers in a game of keno beforehand. However, there are statistics that you can use to to increase your likelihood of getting more matches. For example, in a 20-number keno game, hitting five numbers has the highest probability.

2. Practise for Free

Before dipping your toes in the real game, try it out for free (without risking or winning any real money) through demo versions of the game. This will help you get the hang of things when you eventually want to play with real money on the line.

3. Pick a Set of Consecutive Numbers

In video keno, an RNG determines the outcome, with a few players claiming that the machine occasionally tends to select a set of consecutive numbers. This is not a proven method, but it is worth a shot.

Keno Online Payouts

It is essential to know the payout value for all the odds before playing in one of the keno casino sites, which differs across various keno games and casinos. Crypto keno sites would offer a much higher payout than a standard INR casino.

Let us look at an example payout chart of a classic keno game with a maximum of 5 picked numbers:

Numbers Picked

Numbers Matched Prize Amount

(for each ₹ play)



1 ₹2 1 in 4



₹10 1 in 17



₹25 1 in 73


₹2 1 in 8
4 4 ₹50

1 in 327

3 ₹5

1 in 24

2 ₹1

1 in 5

5 5 ₹500

1 in 1,551

4 ₹15

1 in 83

3 ₹2

1 in 12

Keno Glossary of Terms

Let us look at some of the common and important terms used in keno casino sites:



Aggregate Limit

This refers to the highest amount of money a casino is liable to pay out to winners. It is necessary for a game like keno, where many multipliers could result in an impossible amount of money won.


This term refers to the amount of money a player has in the game.


This term refers to the amount of money put in on a ticket by a player for a single round of keno.


This term refers to the display of winning numbers.


This term is slang for when your keno ticket number matches the drawn number.


This refers to the number you have marked on your ticket.


A keno ticket or card is a piece of paper or an online card that has a selection of 80 numbers (usually). Players have to pick their numbers on a ticket.

Can I Play Real Money Keno on an App?

Yes, many keno casino sites offer players the same experience they would get on the website in the form of a mobile application. The app provides you with a more compact and portable experience to play keno on the go.

Online Keno in India Pros and Cons

  • Players get the experience of playing keno in a physical casino from the comforts of their homes.
  • The variety of keno games available online makes it more entertaining to play.
  • The bonuses and multipliers offered increase the player’s payout.
  • The multiple varieties of the game offered can be confusing and overwhelming to pick from.
  • Since keno slots are quick lottery games of chance, you could lose a lot of money without realising if you do not plan your limits beforehand.

Indian Keno Casino Sites Final Say

Keno is an easy-to-learn lottery-style game that depends entirely on luck. The different themes and variations of the game keep you constantly entertained, while the bonuses provide for some fantastic steal deals. Overall, online keno is something you should try out, especially if you enjoy a game or two of bingo or the like!

Keno Casino Sites FAQs

1. What are the best keno casino sites?

1xBet, VBET, and are among the best keno casino sites India offers.

2. Do keno casino sites allow you to play the game for free?

Yes, many sites offer a free demo version of the game where you do not have to risk any real money to play.

3. Do keno casino sites offer live keno games?

Only a few sites currently mentioned above offer a live dealer version of a few keno games.

4. Is it legal to play keno with real money online in India?

Yes, there are no laws in India that stop you from participating in an online casino game. Hence, it is entirely legal for Indians to play real money keno online.

5. Are online keno games fair?

Casino sites use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine numbers during the game. RNG systems randomly throw up numbers without human intervention, making it impossible to guess the numbers beforehand. This system makes keno a completely fair and authentic experience for all users.