The Latest Refer-a-Friend India Casino Bonuses 2023

One of the best promotions available at online casinos is the refer-a-friend bonus. In this article, we take a look at how the offer works, the benefits of redeeming it, and the best casinos where it is available!

Top Online Casinos With a Refer-a-Friend Bonus

JeetWin Casino


100% Slots Welcome Bonus up to ₹20,000
Earn ₹300 as a referral bonus
Telegram customer support
Supports English, Hindi, and Tamil
Lotto Agent


Buy 1 Get 1 free on first lottery ticket purchase
Earn $5 for every referral
250+ slot games
Customer support hotline available
mBit casino logo


75% 1st deposit bonus
Earn 200 free spins as a referral bonus
Live community chat
Simple user interface


50% first deposit welcome bonus
Low-cost instant win games
Well-established website
Lotteries up to $3.2 billion available

What Are Refer-a-Friend Bonuses?

Several INR casinos have a refer-a-friend programme that offers customers rewards for getting their friends to register and play at their site. Although only a few online casinos offer such a scheme, the ones that do offer great incentives along with it that are worth claiming!

How Do Referral Bonuses Work?

Each casino offers different rewards for the refer-a-friend promotion, but the basic concept remains the same. All you have to do is tell your friends to go to your casino and register themselves with a referral code provided by the site itself.

Usually, casinos provide the bonus rewards after your friend registers and makes their first deposit. Some do not impose any deposit requirements at all, but this is very rare.

How To Claim a Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonus

Simply follow the below instructions to activate a refer-a-friend promotion:

Log in to the online casino offering the refer-a-friend bonus.

Head over to the promotions tab and look for the offer.

Read the terms and conditions provided and make sure you fulfil any requirements.

Send the referral link to your friend.

Ensure that your friend registers on the casino using the referral link. These links usually cannot be used after the registration is complete.

Once your friend meets the basic deposit requirements (if any), you will receive your bonus amount/spins and can use them right away!

After your friend has successfully signed up and started playing, the bonus rewards should appear in your account. If not, contact customer support to clarify any issues.

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Top Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonuses

As we’ve mentioned before, there aren’t many online casinos that offer refer-a-friend promotions – however, we’ve made things easier for you by listing the top three that do below.


(Source: Jeetwin)

At Jeetwin, every successful friend referral deposits a cash reward of ₹300 in your account. This offer can be redeemed many times over, with the amount gifted available to withdraw to your bank account or use on games. The only condition here is that your friend needs to deposit a minimum of ₹2,000 in their account for the offer to be activated.


(Source: mBit)

The referral bonus on mBit provides 200 free spins to both you and your friend when activated.

All you have to do is get one of your friends to make an account on the website and deposit some money. After doing so, they’d need to contact the casino’s live chat support to inform them about the transaction, and after a quick verification, the rewards will be transferred to your account!

Additionally, you and your friend also receive a 30% deposit bonus on your next transaction, making this one of the best offers in the market!

Lotto Agent


The Lotto Agent referral bonus is targeted more toward lottery players. You’ll get $5 for every friend who signs up through a referral link without any limit on the number of referrals either! All your friend has to do is purchase a lottery ticket from the site to activate the offer.

Benefits of Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonuses

Why are refer-a-friend bonuses worth it, at the end of the day? We’ve answered this question by listing the top three reasons below:

  1. You can redeem them for free by convincing a friend to register and play at the casino in question.
  2. In some cases, the number of referrals can be unlimited. You’ll also be rewarded for every friend who successfully signs up and plays!
  3. The more the merrier! You can experience the fun on live dealer games (for example) that accept multiple players with one of your friends.

Important Refer-a-Friend Terms & Conditions

Before you claim any sort of casino bonus, it is crucial to check out the terms and conditions involved. Listed below are some important T&Cs that come attached with referral promotions.

  1. The referred friend usually needs to make some sort of deposit for the offer to be activated. Simply registering on the website will not automatically transfer the bonus to your account.
  2. The use of fraudulent accounts to claim the bonus will result in the termination of the offer or even a permanent ban from the casino site.
  3. You should have some transaction history with the online casino you are referring. Usually, the offer works only if you have previously deposited some money or played a game on the casino website.

Refer-a-Friend Bonuses vs VIP Programmes

Refer-a-friend bonuses and VIP programmes are both loyalty-based schemes. However, they are different in many ways, as we will see below:

Refer-a-Friend Bonus VIP Programme
  • An offer that rewards you for referring the casino website to your friend
  • Same bonus for every referral
  • Available in a limited number of casinos
  • A programme that rewards you for playing games in the casino
  • A level-based system rewarding players after hitting a milestone
  • Greater prizes as the player rises from level to level
  • Available in most casinos


The refer-a-friend bonus is one of the best casino promotions available – as long as you have friends who are interested in casino games, that is! Make sure to check whether your online casino does offer this bonus, and if so, be sure to comply with the terms and conditions to be able to enjoy the rewards without any hassle involved.

Refer-a-Friend FAQs

  1. Can anyone claim a refer-a-friend bonus?
    The refer-a-friend bonus is available to all customers who have played at the online casino before.
  2. What are some bonuses other than the refer-a-friend offer that I should look for?
    Since referral bonuses are not readily available at all online casinos, you should keep an eye out attractive welcome bonuses and free spins promotions.
  3. Is there a limit to redeeming the refer-a-friend bonus?
    This depends on the casino and offer in question. Some referral bonuses can be used many times over; others are only valid once. Be sure to check the terms and conditions beforehand to confirm.