Goa State Lottery

Goa is well-known for its gambling leniency in India. If you love gambling on lottery, we recommend you try Goa State lottery schemes. Keep reading to get detailed insights on Goa State lottery, laws on lottery gambling in Goa, Goa State lottery results and more.

Goa State Lottery Casinos

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What is Goa Lottery Scheme?

Goa is an Indian state where lenience over gambling is slightly more compared to other states. You will find various floating casinos here to enjoy gambling on waters. Apart from the casino games, punters also have access to lottery tickets.

The best part is you don’t have to step into any casino buy these tickets. You can grab them from Government-appointed lottery vendors in Goa.

The Goa lottery scheme is basically Government-owned paper lottery tickets for the people of this state to buy and try their luck. There are various schemes currently accessible in the state of Goa.

Some of these lottery schemes are active throughout the week. Some others are active only on particular days of the month.

What are Lottery Laws in Goa?

The Central Government Lottery Act of 1998 allows 13 Indian states to conduct lottery schemes offline. Goa is one of these 13 states which legally conducts lottery schemes according to the Goa Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2003.

The Directorate of Small Savings and Lotteries Goa is responsible for fair and secure managing of lottery schemes.

Some other Indian states where you can get Government state lotteries are Kerala, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Mizoram etc.

Why Play Goa state lottery?

There are many reasons why you may be wanting to play the Goa state lottery schemes, here are just a few:

✅ Goa state lottery is conducted lawfully for the citizens of Goa.
✅ There are various schemes which can be accessed throughout the week.
✅ These lottery schemes can be bought for minimal prices.
✅ The top reward ranges from ₹10,000 to ₹20 lakhs based on the scheme you bought.

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How to Buy Lotteries in the state of Goa?

There are two ways you can buy lotteries in Goa state:

  • Online: This is accessing foreign-based lottery schemes and tickets online
  • Offline: This is buying tickets from the official state lotteryfrom Goa Government by purchasing from official outlets.

Goa State Lottery Buy Online

You may not be able to buy Goa state lottery tickets online. However, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring other lottery schemes trending online.

Yes, there are several international online casinos that host lottery draws 24/7. We have listed the top online casinos which are safe and reliable to use.

These online casinos also accept Indian Rupee currency and Indian banking methods allowing you to make easy and user-friendly transactions. They also offer good bonuses, promotional offers, customised lottery mobile apps, customer support and more.

Some of the top casinos include Multilotto, Lotto247, Lottofy, and The Lotter. Just visit any of these sites, sign-up and deposit to explore lottery schemes available.

Goa State Lottery Offline

As mentioned earlier, Goa state lottery tickets can be bought from the authorised vendors only in the state. You cannot buy the state lotteries online. So, if you find any online site claiming to sell Goa state lottery tickets, it is fake. So, these should always be avoided.

The state lottery is managed by the Directorate of Small Savings and Lotteries Goa. This authority is responsible for conducting fair and secure lottery draws throughout the state.
Check out some legitimate state lottery ticket dealers in Goa and buy from them. These vendors are appointed by the Directorate of Small Savings and Lotteries Goa. So, you will get original tickets only.

Once you have bought the tickets, remember to write your name, address, and other details on the back of the ticket. This ensures your ownership of the lottery if you lost and found it. Also, if you win the lottery, your details will ensure you the reward.

There are different types of Goa state lottery tickets which we have described in the following section.

Different Types of Goa State Lottery Tickets

Here are the different types of lottery tickets that you can buy offline in Goa:

1.Golden Series

The Goa lottery Golden Series is offered in two ways- weekly and monthly. There are 4 weekly draws and 2 monthly draws. Let’s understand these draws in details.

  • Weekly Draws: Under weekly Golden Series, you again have 4 schemes. These include:
    – Golden Kuber Laxmi- It is available at 2:30 PM IST.
    – Golden Laxmi- It is available at 4:00 PM IST.
    – Golden Mahalaxmi- It is available at 5:30 PM IST.
    – Golden Dhanlaxmi- It is available at 7:00 PM IST.

As you can see, these schemes are active at different times from Monday to Sunday. Each of these tickets can be bought at ₹10. Each ticket presents rewards in 5 tiers. The top winner gets a reward of ₹10,000, while ₹125 is reserved for the lowest winner. Do not expect any consolation prizes if you lose the draw.

  • Monthly Draws: The two monthly Golden Series are:
    – Gudipadwa Baisakhi 20: It is available on the third Tuesday of every month at 5 PM. These tickets cost you ₹20 each. The top reward is ₹20 lakhs while the lowest is ₹50.
    – Gudipadwa Baisakhi 50: It is available on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 5 PM IST.
    These tickets cost you ₹50 each. Here, you can receive a max winning prize of ₹10 lakhs if you win at the topmost position. The lowest possible winner gets ₹100 rewards.
    Both these monthly Golden Series feature rewards in 10 tiers each.

2. Rajshree Series
You get 7 weekly draws under the Rajshree Series. Each of these lotteries are drawn every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. Furthermore, each draw takes place at three different times on the scheduled day. The first draw is at 2:00 PM IST, the second at 4:40 PM IST and the third at 8:00 PM IST.

Each ticket will cost you ₹6, featuring 6 prize tiers. This includes a consolation reward too. Participants can win prizes ranging from ₹120 to ₹10,000 in these 6 tiers.

3. Rajshree 10 Series
Rajshree 10 Series is somewhat similar to the Goa state lottery Rajshree Series. However, it has a few differences too. Rajshree 10 Series is conducted each day of the week from Monday to Sunday. So, users get 7 weekly draws, just like Rajshree Series.

However, each Rajshree 10 Series draw is conducted four times a day. Each draw is scheduled at 5:20 PM IST, 8:00 PM IST, 12:00 PM IST (noon) and 3:20 PM IST.

Each of the Rajshree 10 lottery tickets can be bought at ₹10. The prizes are divided into 6 tiers. They range from ₹270 (least winning) to ₹10,000 (the top winner). Then, again, there are no consolation rewards as in the case of the Rajshree Series.

4. Rajshree Weekly Series
Next is Rajshree Weekly Series, which is conducted once every day throughout the week. Thus, you can buy Goa daily lottery ticket from Monday to Sunday at 6:40 PM IST. Each ticket can be bought at ₹6 and has 6 reward tiers. There is a consolation prize, too, in these tiers. The top reward gives the winner ₹10,000, while the lowest reward is set to ₹129.

5. Labhlaxmi Weekly Series
As the name suggests, Labhlaxmi is a weekly series draws which is conducted once every day from Monday to Sunday. You can buy the ticket at 6 PM IST daily at ₹10 each. The prizes are distributed in 6 tiers with no consolation reward. So, the top winner gets a reward of ₹10,000 while the lowest prize is set at ₹100.

6. Dear Subhlaxmi Series
Dear Subhlaxmi Series is the next draw which is conducted throughout the week from Monday to Sunday. Each of the lottery draws takes place at four different times in a day which you can buy at ₹10 per ticket. So, if you wish to buy the Goa state lottery today, you can get it at 12:40 PM IST, 4:00 PM IST, 6:00 PM IST and 7:20 PM IST.

Again, the Dear Subhlaxmi Series prizes also come in 6 tiers without any consolation rewards. The maximum winning reward is ₹10,000, and the least prize is ₹100.

Where to Check Goa State Lottery Results?

While you can buy Goa state lottery tickets offline, the results are available to check online only. So, go to the official Goa state lottery site and check the Goa lottery results online. Additionally, the results are also published in the local newspaper every day.

What should I do if I have a winning ticket?

If you win any draw, you must claim your reward within 60 days of result declaration. Follow these steps to claim your reward:

  • Visit the authorised vendor from where you bought the ticket to seek the rewards up to ₹10,000.
  • For rewards over ₹10,000, you must visit the office of the Director of State Lotteries, Goa.
  • You must carry your winning lottery ticket, any of Government-issued ID cards like Aadhar card, Pan card, Voter ID etc., to ascertain your identity, passport-size photo and few other documents.
  • Your winning lottery ticket must contain your full name, address, and your signature on the back.
  • Your ticket will be reviewed officially, and some other procedures will be conducted before releasing your prize.


All in all, Goa state lottery schemes are real and can be bought from authorised dealers in Goa. Also, if you wish to access lottery tickets online, you can visit reliable international online casinos.

While we encourage you to try your luck with lotteries, we also suggest you gamble responsibly. This way, you do not lose your hard earned money and benefit from the schemes also!


1. How to buy the Goa state lottery online?

You cannot buy the Goa state lottery online. We suggest you visit the authorised lottery vendors in Goa to buy state-sponsored tickets.

2. What is the Goa Rajshree lottery?

There are different kinds of Goa state lotteries. One of them is the Goa Rajshree lottery which is active daily from Monday to Sunday. This lottery is available thrice a day at different times.

3. Is the Goa state lottery real?

Yes, the Goa state lottery is real. You can visit the official site to learn more about its authenticity.

4. Is online lottery legal in Goa?

There are no specific laws governing online gambling in Goa. You can access international online casinos to play lottery games. But remember, you can only access foreign sites to access international lottery schemes.