Your One-Stop Guide for Online Mahjong Casino Game (2024)

So, you’ve decided to try your hand at the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong. Great decision! Mahjong is a fun and challenging game that can keep you entertained for hours on end. But where do you begin if you’re a Mahjong casino game beginner? From the best sites to play at to detailed instructions on how to play, we’ve got you covered!

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What Is Mahjong Casino Game?

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Mahjong is a game with its roots in China, thought to have originated during the reign of the Qing dynasty in the late 19th century, and quickly became popular among the upper classes. Its popularity spread in the West in the early 20th century when it was introduced by Chinese immigrants.

Original Gameplay

The game’s objective is to remove every tile from the Mahjong board. The Mahjong casino game is played with a set of tiles, which are divided into four suits: Bamboo, Character, Circle, and Dot. There are 36 tiles (144 in total) in each suit, and each suit has its own unique tile layout. The players must create winning patterns with those tiles.

Different Variations of Mahjong Casino Game

One of the most popular variations of the classic Mahjong online casino game is called Mahjong Solitaire. In this variation, the player is dealt a hand of tiles, and they must remove all of the tiles from their hand before they can win. This variation is often considered to be more difficult than others as it requires more strategy and planning on the part of the player.

Another popular variation of Mahjong casino is called Mahjong Connect. Here, players are dealt a hand with tiles, which they must connect together in order to remove them from the board. This version is considered to be more challenging than Mahjong Solitaire as it requires more strategic thinking on the part of the player.

Mahjong Casino Rules

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If you are new to Mahjong casino, the rules may seem a bit complicated. However, as you keep on playing, you will notice that the game is actually pretty simple.

How to play Mahjong online:

To begin Mahjong gameplay, each player selects 13 Mahjong tiles from the board. The tiles are then placed face down in front of the players. The player who selected the Mahjong tiles is called the Mahjong dealer.

The dealer shuffles the tiles and then sets them out on a tile wall in front of the players. This wall is arranged so that each player has a row of 12 Mahjong tiles, and the remaining tiles are set in the centre of the tile wall.

Next, the dealer sets the tiles in the tile wall into pairs, and the players take turns selecting a pair of Mahjong tiles from this wall. The player who selects the first pair of Mahjong tiles is called the East wind, and the player who selects the last pair is called the West wind.

The tiles selected are then placed face up in front of the player who selected them. The players then take turns selecting and discarding Mahjong tiles until all 13 have been discarded.

The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. Mahjong is typically played with four players, but it can also be played with just two or three.

Important Terms To Remember


Here are some important terms you should remember while playing Mahjong casino game:

Tiles — These are the pieces which are used to play Mahjong. There are 144 tiles in total, divided into suits of characters, bamboo and dots. Suits of characters and bamboo both have 11 different ranks, while the suit of dots has only 10. In addition, there are four bonus tiles: the seasons, the flowers and the jokers (or ‘honours’).

Winds — There are four winds in Mahjong: east, south, west and north. These correspond to the actual compass points. The wind that an individual is currently playing is known as their ‘seat wind’.

Dragon tiles — There are three dragon tiles in the game: red dragon (‘hong zhong’), green dragon (‘fa’) and white dragon (‘bai’). These tiles have no suit and are instead used as bonus tiles.

Bonus tiles — As well as the three dragon tiles, there are four bonus tiles: the seasons, the flowers and the jokers (or ‘honours’). These do not belong to any of the suits and are instead used as bonus tiles.

Jokers — There are two joker tiles in Mahjong: one red and one green. These tiles do not belong to any of the suits and are instead used as bonus tiles.

Seasons — The game has four season tiles: spring, summer, autumn and winter, which do not belong to any of the suits and are instead used as bonus tiles.

Flowers — Plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo are the four flower tiles. They do not belong to any of the suits and are instead used as bonus tiles.

Sets  — A set is a group or combination of three or four matching tiles. There are three different types of sets in Mahjong: chows, pungs and kongs.

Chows — A chow is a set of three consecutive tiles of the same suit. For example, a chow could be made up of the dots two, three and four or the bamboo six, seven and eight. Chows cannot be made using dragon or wind tiles.

Pungs — A pung is a set of three identical tiles. For example, a pung could be made up of three character fours or three bamboo sevens. Pungs can be made using dragon or wind tiles.

Kongs — A kong is a set of four identical tiles and can be made using dragon or wind tiles.

Concealed hand — A concealed hand is a hand which has not been exposed to the other players. A player’s initial 14 tiles are always considered to be part of their concealed hand.

Exposed hand — An exposed hand is a hand which has been exposed to the other players. Exposed hands can only be created by making sets using tiles that have already been discarded by other players.

Meld — A meld is a set of three or four matching tiles. There are three different types of melds in Mahjong: chows, pungs and kongs.

Discard — A discard is a tile which has been played to the centre of the table and is available to be claimed by another player.

Claim — A claim is a tile which has been taken from the centre of the table by a player. Claims can only be made on the turn immediately after the tile is discarded.

Mah-Jongg — Mah-Jongg is an alternative spelling of Mahjong, used mainly in North America.

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Top 3 Strategies for Playing Mahjong Casino

There are many different strategies you can use to win at Mahjong casino, and it is essential to know how to use them in order to be successful.

🏆 One of the most important things you should remember when playing the Mahjong casino game is to discard as many tiles as possible at the earliest. This means that you should focus on getting rid of your opponents’ tiles rather than your own. You can do this by using special moves called ‘chows’ and ‘pongs’. Chows involve taking two or more tiles of the same suit and putting them together in a row, while pongs involve taking three or more tiles of the same suit and placing them together in a column.

🏆 Another important strategy is to always keep an eye on what your opponents are doing. If you see that one of your opponents is about to make a move that will give them a lot of points, then you should try to block their move. This can be done by playing a tile that will cancel out their move or by playing a tile that will give you more points than they will get from their move.

🏆 Finally, it is also important to remember that the Mahjong casino game is one of chance. This means that there is no guaranteed way to win, so you should never exceed the budget you have set for yourself, even if you lose.

Bonus Tips To Improve Your Mahjong Casino Game

Here are some bonus tips you can use to improve your chances of winning at Mahjong:

  1. Do your homework and research the different tile sets that are available. There are many different variations of Mahjong, so it is important to find a set that you are comfortable with and that you think will give you the best chance of winning.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the scoring system. Each variation of Mahjong has its own unique scoring system, so it is important to understand how points are awarded in order to maximise your chances of winning.
  3. Practise, practise, practise! The more you play, the better you will become at spotting opportunities to score points and make strategic moves.

Mahjong Casino Conclusion

Offering you the chance to win 16x your original bet, Mahjong casino can truly be fun and engaging once you get familiar with the rules of the game. However, make sure you try out our tips and strategies to improve your chances of winning. Make an account with any of the online casinos we have mentioned above, deposit a sum and give Mahjong a shot!


1. Is there a chance to win big at Mahjong casino game?

It certainly is possible to win big at Mahjong casino game. You can win a maximum of up to 16 times your original wager.

2. Is Mahjong casino game legal in India?

Yes, playing Mahjong casino game online is legal in India. There are no laws, central or state, that explicitly prohibit playing online casino games.

3. Which are the best online casinos to play Mahjong at?

7Bit and TrustDice are among the best online casinos where you can play Mahjong.

4. Can I play Mahjong casino game online for free?

Yes, you can try out the demo versions of Mahjong at the online casinos we listed above before playing for real money.

5. Can I play the Mahjong casino game on my smartphone?

Yes, you definitely can. Download the mobile app of any of these online casinos: Parimatch, Pin-Up and JackpotCity; make an account, deposit the required sum and play on the go. The mobile apps of these online casinos are available to both iOS and Android users.

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