Play Plinko Game for Real Money (2024)

Plinko has become one of the trending instant games recently, and is available at several online casinos — most commonly at online crypto casinos. There are two ways to play the Plinko game — for free (demo mode) or with real money, and we will explore the latter in this blog.

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What Is the Plinko Game?

Spribe Gaming’s Plinko is straightforward to play. You start off with a Pyramid shape of pins and boxes below. The box in which the ball lands controls what you win as it rolls down a maze of pins.

We will of course go into greater detail about how to play Plinko, but that is all about the gameplay. Indeed, two of the reasons why Plinko is a hot topic in online casinos is its simple gameplay — which gives players a great chance of winning — and its 97% RTP, which is a great deal in online gaming.

Plinko Game Demo

Plinko Game’s History

An American TV programme from the 1980s, ‘Price Is Right’ served as the inspiration for Plinko. The show has over 9,000 episodes and has greatly increased in popularity.

In 1983, the debut took place. On the TV programme, there was a spinning ball game with a $25,000 prize. That was regarded as The Price Is Right’s biggest victory. The winnings gradually grew over the following 10 years, and more and more people were drawn to try their luck.

Where To Play Online Plinko Game

There aren’t that many online casinos that provide the Plinko casino game, but it can be commonly found in crypto casinos like Bitstarz,, and mBit. Simply enter the game’s name into the search bar on their homepage. These casinos not only provide the Plinko game but also offer fantastic bonuses and are safe and  trustworthy.

Why Is the Online Plinko Game Becoming So Popular?

Both new and seasoned gamers are becoming fans of the Plinko slot machine, with many online bookmakers and casinos providing it in both demo and full editions. The following are the secrets to the slot’s popularity:

  • The game of Plinko has a proven fairness method. It indicates that neither the service provider nor the playing pitch can affect how the rounds turn out. The player can keep track of the outcomes of every round to make sure that they are both random and predictable.
  • There is no cap on the winning amounts, and their multiplier value can go up to 1000x.
  • Plinko’s versatility allows you to choose between low, medium, or high risk levels. This indicator affects the amount of winnings.
  • The rules of the game are simple: place a wager and depend on chance. then receive a prize based on how far the ball landed.
  • You can play in the automatic or manual mode.

Is the Plinko Casino Game Legal?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the game of Plinko is real or fake. Is it a fraud or is winning truly that easy? Although luck plays a part in whether you win or lose, the game’s rules are entirely legit.

Spribe’s website shows that the gaming company has licences from over 18 gaming regulatory bodies, including the Malta Gaming Authority and Gibraltar Gaming Commission. Plinko is a game that is completely legitimate, so you can play it at reliable crypto casinos.

How Do I Play Plinko Online in India?

A pyramid of pins is shown when you open the Plinko game. The point where a propelled ball will fall through is at the top of the pyramid. The ball will finally land in a coloured box after being deflected by the pins as it falls through the maze. Your reward will be based on that box, depending which box it lands in (as shown in the following screenshot).

Screenshot of the Plinko game on Spribe
(Source: Spribe)

Starting the game requires placing a wager. The stake size varies slightly depending on the casino, and generally speaking, it ranges between $0.10 and $2,500 per wager. The number of pin lines in the pyramid will then dictate how many pins you want in your Plinko game.

You will have three options: 12, 14, or 16 lines.

Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Play Plinko Game Online

Since Plinko is a game of pure chance, there is no foolproof method to win. To win big, you’ll need to place a bet on the middle slot.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t smart moves you can make to increase your Plinko board winnings. If you want to master the game, try these techniques and strategies:

Place the ball in the middle:
Despite the odds, placing the chip or ball in the centre of the table can ensure a good prize. This does not guarantee you will land in the middle slot, but it increases the chance that the chip will bounce towards a good reward.

This strategy improves your wins over multiple rounds of betting, but it may not guarantee the biggest payout.

Drop the ball three to four places outside of the centre:
One of the famous tactics of Plinko players is to drop the ball out of the centre; as the middle slot is more likely to tumble since chips bounce about and rarely fall straight down.

Be mindful of your budget:
Some players tend to overspend and lose track of their money in the hope that the next turn will give them a good payout. However, that is not true; instead, the player might lose more. Hence, one must always keep their budget in mind and play responsibly; not only while playing Plinko but any casino game.

Read more about responsible gaming.

Place the stakes low and keep limits:
The pegs reduce your chances of landing in the middle slot. However, keep in mind that Plinko is a game that can be proven to be fair since it uses a random number generator, making it impossible to predict where the chip will land.

You can manage your stake strategically by making small bets and setting limits on how much you can spend based on your budget.

Never try to recover losses:
Some casino gamblers believe that even after losing several times, they will win. Avoid trying to recoup your losses as if you continue, you can end up spending thousands without ever breaking even.

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Plinko Online RTP & Volatility

The turbo game Plinko has a 97% payout percentage. You can take as much or as little risk as you desire when playing Plinko online because the game’s volatility is adjustable.

Online Plinko Game Features

Like other cryptocurrency arcade games, Plinko is simple and direct. There are a few controls in the game that provide players additional freedom:

  • Automatic / Manual Mode and Risk levels
    When set to Plinko Auto mode, a continuous cascade of balls will fall; each one represents a separate wager.
    In Spribe’s Plinko game, you can customise the ball colours to your liking, with three colour options to choose from. Red offers the largest reward but also the greatest risk of loss. Green denotes the lowest risk and low rewards, yellow denotes a moderate risk and moderate reward. Just clicking the “Stop Auto Betting” button will turn off the automated wagering.
  • Provably Fair Game
    A reliable casino game is one in which the results cannot be influenced in any way and always occur at random. Provably fair games are those like these. Spribe uses blockchain technology to make sure that the outcomes of its games are always random and that neither players nor casinos can ever change them. Players are given hashed seed numbers after every couple of rounds so they may verify the data and ensure that the same seeds are being created each time.

About Spribe

The main activity of Spribe, a firm with its headquarters in Kiev, is the creation of casino gaming software. It also covers product design and software engineering. It began operations in August 2018 and released the well-known game Aviator in January 2019.

Spribe Gaming’s Plinko on Mobile

You may also play the well-known gambling game on a mobile device. There is no need to download an app because crypto casinos offer Plinko in an HTML5 format. Just use the browser on your phone or tablet to get to the casino’s website, log in, and start playing!

Alternative Turbo Games by Spribe

You’ll be glad to know that there are additional Turbo games available by Spribe if you want to try out alternatives. The gameplay is the same, even though each is distinct and thrilling in its own way. Here is the list:

  • Aviator
  • HiLo
  • Dice
  • Mini Roulette
  • Keno
  • HotLine
  • Goal
  • Mines

You can explore them further and try out their demo versions for free on Spribe’s official website.

Plinko Game Final Thoughts

We hope you’ll enjoy the game of Plinko, with its easy gameplay and serving as an excellent alternative to slots. Once you get the hang of it, there are enough choices to make it more difficult and reap greater rewards.

The visuals in this crypto instant game are stunning, and if you choose to increase the volume, you can even hear the balls dropping.

Even though the Plinko game could seem simple to play right away, we recommend starting by practising for free with the demo version in order to get more experience and feel more confident in your Plinko strategy.

Plinko Game FAQs

1. Can I play the Plinko game for free and where can I play it?

Yes, to practise you can play the demo version for free on Spribe’s official website.

2. What is the RTP of the Plinko game?

The Return to Player of Spribe gaming’s Plinko is 97%.

3. Which currency can be used to play Plinko?

The online Plinko game can be played with cryptocurrencies because players can validate their gaming experiences by using blockchain technology to verify fairness, and this can be achieved only with crypto. However, if you are interested in the INR casinos, then check out our list.