Everything About Free Online Poker Tournaments (2023)

Poker freerolls are online events or tournaments where you can engage in poker with other players and win prizes without spending a penny.

These competitions may provide a variety of real money rewards, but they all share the same trait – they are all completely free.

In this guide, we will tell you everything about free online poker tournaments.

Top 3 Casinos to Offer Poker Freeroll Tournaments

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350% Up To €4,500 (approx. ₹4,01,000) First Deposit Bonus
Rakeback loyalty program of up to 40%
Mobile app available to play Poker on-the-go
20+ payment methods available
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Get 200% bonus of up to Rs. ₹4,00,000
Offers fantastic poker tournaments and promotions
Start playing poker immediately after signing up without any other formalities
Offers GoPaisa which runs promos on all deposit methods
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5 Entries to the €100 (approx. ₹9,000) Bronze Loyalty Tournaments
Daily freerolls of up to €50 (approx. ₹4,560)
Satellite tickets are offered between €0.50 - €10 for €100 tickets (approx. ₹8800)
Offers €365 redeemable bonus for new players (approx. ₹32k)

Let’s dive a little deep into these 3 top Poker casinos.

VBET Poker

Founded in 2017, VBET Poker or VBET Skill Games is a modest poker website that was made for Armenian players. VBET is a sister concern of the BetConstruct network. Despite being a betting and slots provider, the corporation is actively growing its poker room on a global scale.

VBET Poker events have a minimal entry fee, beginning at only €0.2 (₹17). The competition with the highest entry fee costs €60 (₹5.2k). Buy-ins for exceptional events might reach €250 (₹22k).

The NLH progressive knockout structure used for VBET Poker events allows for unlimited re-entries.

Furthermore, the RPT satellites, which are only held on VBET Skill Games, are noteworthy.

Khelo365 Poker

Khelo365 is owned by K365 Web Assets Pvt. Ltd which is licensed by Government of Nagaland and iTech Labs of Australia.

The popularity of Khelo365 among Indian online poker players has only grown since they became the first legal platform in India to enter the world of online poker. It offers some great poker campaigns and promotions such as 14+ Lakhs which gives players the opportunity to win ₹14+ lakhs.

bet365 Poker

bet365 has been offering high-quality online casino and betting enjoyment since 2001. The site’s main attraction is the bet365 sportsbook, but it also has a fantastic poker room with 24/7 online poker play and lots of promotional bonuses.

The PlayTech-based software has a user-friendly interface, is safe and dependable, and offers a tonne of support for multi-tablers. Additionally, bet365 offers a toolkit for online poker players to analyse and enhance their bankroll management and game performance.

How to Play Poker Tournaments Online for Free in India

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Search for a poker room that offers no-limit freerolls. Almost every website offers it in some capacity. Here is how to get started without making a deposit:

  1. Go to a poker freerolls casino.
  2. Open a free account by entering the requested details.
  3. Look for the freeroll poker game in the tournament section. You can limit your view to simply those that are free to enter.
  4. Participate in it to play for a free chance to win actual rewards.

What are Poker Freeroll Tournaments?

A poker freeroll is a poker tournament that has no entry fees. You sign up, play, and—if you score among the top competitors— you win something.

Freerolls are regarded by beginners as the best poker learning environment (you play for free, have a chance to win, and take no risk).

Experts see these events as value-packed because freerolls provide the opportunity to win seats to more expensive events for free.

Freeroll poker tournaments are popular among gamers who want to learn how to play poker without having to pay any money, even though the real money prizes you can win in these events aren’t huge or life-changing, they do help in experience.


Types of Freerolls

  • Exclusive Freerolls
    An exclusive freeroll is a tournament that is exclusively open to a select group of players that match the criteria established by the poker site hosting the event. The majority of special freerolls are ‘password-protected’ occasions, meaning that only participants with the correct password may sign up and participate.
  • Weekly Freerolls
    Every week at the same time, these free poker tournaments are held as part of a casino’s tournament schedule. Prizes can include actual cash, tickets to the competition, and more.
  • New Players Freerolls
    Newly enrolled players at a casino website can participate in these freeroll competitions. These are often only accessible during the first week of your membership. These are great introductory to start playing or trying out for the first time.
  • Satellite Freerolls
    A feeder event called a satellite freeroll allows participants to compete for tickets to larger, real money tournaments. Winners of satellites receive “tickets,” which are free entry they can use to play in future games.

Strategies to Increase Winning Chances in Poker Online Tournaments

Poker freeroll is a skill-based game where you can assess your chances of succeeding at different points. Learn how to increase your online poker winning chances with some simple tips:

  1. Start Slow
    We can say that a poker tournament is similar to a marathon as it is a good idea to play cautiously in the initial stage of the competition. Due to their aggressive playing style, many players lose their chips at the beginning of the game.
    In the opening stages, players should research their opponents to learn how they function. It’s acceptable to slow down if you notice your opponent’s playing aggressively. Start out steadily, but don’t be overly careful.
  2. Be Patient
    Early games of a tournament are difficult to win. Most players start squandering their winnings because they are rushing in the middle of the game. One should carefully assess their hands before making a call because the stack amounts on the table vary.
    Protecting chip stacks on the table goes hand in hand with this tactic. If a player has a weak hand, they shouldn’t take too many chances unless they are completely certain of their board position. Every round will have one or two openings for you, so be patient and wait for your opportunities.
  3. Be Aggressive at the Right Time
    While a constant aggressive approach is not recommended, a certain level of aggression is required. If players do not exhibit any aggressive purpose, they may not have enough chips to survive the game’s later stages. Knowing when to push the table is advantageous.

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Free Online Poker Tournaments: Pros and Cons

Freeroll tournaments have certain advantages, but this game type may not be suitable for everyone. Here are some of the most popular advantages and disadvantages:

  • There is no entry fee or any fee to play.
  • Excellent for first-time poker gamers.
  • A fantastic approach to learn and practise poker strategy without risk.
  • Chance to win rewards with no investment.
  • A large number of newcomers might make the game unpredictable.
  • Prize pools are often small and shared by numerous players.
  • There are few poker varieties to choose from.
  • The best tournaments are by invitation only.

Difference Between Freeroll vs Usual Money Tournaments

You might believe there isn’t much of a difference between monetary and freeroll events because they both involve free poker — but that’s where the similarities end.

Play money games are free to play, but there is no way to win real money. You compete against other players who are putting their play money bank rolls at risk, and you can only win play money.

Play can be wild, especially in lower stakes money games. Players frequently go all in on every hand in order to develop a stack. Being patient is essential in these games.

Playmoney chips can be converted to real money on some sites, most notably PokerStars, but you need a fruitful amount of playmoney chips to actually establish a starting bankroll.

Playing freerolls is frequently a better starting point than attempting to build a bankroll in playmoney games. There are often players who go all-in regularly in the early stages of a freeroll event, just as there are in playmoney games.

However, once the prize money – real, actual money – is in sight, especially if the freeroll provides significant rewards, free poker events begin to play very much like tournaments with an entry fee.

This characteristic alone makes freerolls an ideal venue for honing your poker tournament skills.

Other Types of Poker Tournaments

Apart from the free online poker tournaments, there are other online poker tournaments too. We have explained them in brief:

  • Sit and Go Tournament
    Sit & Go poker tournaments are quick tournaments with a limited number of players that take place within an hour. In most tournaments, no more than 10-12 players are eliminated after losing their chips. Sit and Go games are popular at online casinos since they are played on a daily basis.
  • Heads-up Tournament
    One of the most popular types of poker tournaments are heads-up tournaments. They imply that two poker players compete at the table against each other. In other words, these competitions are one-on-one affairs. Winners of each table advance to the next one-on-one round until only one winner remains.
  • Freezeout Tournament
    Freezeouts are one of the most basic and widely played forms of poker tournaments. To participate in a freezeout tournament, players pay their buy-ins and are given chips to play with until they run out. As a result, when a player runs out of chips, he cannot repurchase them to continue playing. The World Series of Poker, the most prestigious tournament, is a prime example of a Freezeout.

Our Verdict: Free Online or Freeroll Poker Tournament

Free online poker tournaments are an excellent opportunity for new poker players to gain experience and earn real money without breaking the bank. They can provide substantial incentives, educate players the fundamentals of poker, enhance skills, and even generate substantial profits!

We examined some of the top freerolls available online, as well as how to increase chances of winning one.

A last tip before you begin playing – make sure you have read up on the finer details in case there are any hidden surprises linked with any casino site.

Fortunately, all of these casinos provide plenty of help if needed.

Free Online Poker Tournaments FAQs

1. Are free online poker tournaments really for free?

Yes, Freerolls are free and one does not need to buy spend anything to enter in freeroll tournaments.

2. Why should I play poker freeroll tournaments?

Freerolls are sometimes a better place to start than money games. In the early stages of these events, players frequently go all-in, just as they would in a money game. You earn the prize money, which can be cash or other more valuable prizes. It’s also an excellent place to hone your tournament skills.

3. Is it possible to win real money in poker online freeroll tournaments?

Indeed! Though the prizes are not that significant, yes you win real money in these poker freerolls tournaments.

4. Is it possible to play poker freerolls on mobile?

Yes, if the casinos that you play these tournaments have an app or a mobile optimised browser then you can play on mobile.

5. Is online poker legal in India?

In states like Goa, Karnataka, Sikkim, Kerala, West Bengal and Nagaland, poker is legally established by the Indian gambling laws and regulations. You can even join poker rooms in these casinos to play tournaments.