Sikkim State Lottery Online Guide (2024)

Sikkim is one of the 13 out of 28 Indian states that enjoys legal status on lotteries. It has its own paper lottery ‘The Sikkim State Lottery’ which is played offline. But what are the options for online lottery players in Sikkim?

In this guide, we have done our extensive research on both – the online Sikkim lottery sites and the traditional paper lottery of Sikkim so that you can make the best choice. Keep reading to find out which one’s better for you.

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Sikkim State Lottery: An Overview

As mentioned earlier, the Sikkim state lottery is one of the 13 legitimate Indian state lotteries. It is regulated by the federal government, and the rules and regulations are set as per the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998. This means that Sikkim players can only play this state-run offline lottery in Sikkim; since 1960, none of the private lotteries have been allowed to run. The Sikkim State lottery was started in 1978 to encourage a transparent and fair lottery system in the state for the lottery players.

If you wish to know more about the other state-run lotteries in India, you can also check our extensively researched state-wise lottery blogs: West Bengal State Lottery, Maharashtra State Lottery, and Kerala State Lottery.

Coming back to the Sikkim state lottery, it is divided into two schemes: the Sikkim Dear Lottery and the Sikkim Labhlaxmi Lottery.

Sikkim State Dear Lottery

In this scheme of Sikkim’s Dear Lottery, there are 9 draws, named after birds:

Draw NameTimeTableTicket (₹)1st Prize
Dear 100 SparrowDaily₹100₹19 Lakh
Dear 100 Peacock Daily₹100₹19 Lakh
Dear 100 Eagle Daily₹100₹19 Lakh
Dear 100 Parrot Daily₹100₹19 Lakh
Dear 100 Falcon Daily₹100₹19 Lakh
Dear 100 Ostrich Daily₹100₹19 Lakh
Dear 100 Swan Daily₹100₹19 Lakh
Dear 20 Bi-weekly₹20₹9 Lakh
Dear 50 Bi-weekly₹50₹11 Lakh

Dear 100 lotteries run daily, whereas Dear 20 and Dear 50 take place biweekly. These act as like jackpot draws for the Sikkim state lottery.

Sikkim State Labhlaxmi Lottery

In this scheme, there are 14 draws:

Draw NameTimeTableTicket (₹)1st Prize
Labhlaxmi GoldDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi PlatimumDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi SilverDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi EmeraldDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi SapphireDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi SupremeDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi PearlDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi RubyDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi TopazDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi JadeDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi GarnetDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi OnyxDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi OpalDaily₹10₹10000
Labhlaxmi DiamondDaily₹10₹10000

All the Sikkim Labhlaxmi draws have the same ticket price and first-place prize. It runs on a daily basis.

The Sikkim government keeps changing the lottery schemes, draws, and schedules to keep lottery players engaged. We always try to update our content accordingly, but in case of any doubts, you can always visit the official Sikkim State Lottery website.

How to Enter the Sikkim State Lottery Offline

The Sikkim state lottery can be played only by buying tickets from offline ticket vendors. You have to visit the lottery ticket retailer’s store and buy the ticket. Also, one must be careful while choosing the retailer, as there are high chances of fake tickets being circulated. Hence, always buy tickets from licenced ticket sellers.

  • How to know if the Sikkim paper lottery ticket is fake?
  1. Check the spellings properly, fake tickets usually have a lot of spelling mistakes.
  2. Check if the logo on the ticket of Sikkim state government is legit.
  3. Check if there’s a ticket agency’s ink stamp on the back or front of the ticket. This seal should have the agency’s name and license number.

Despite of taking these precautions, there are chances of becoming a victim of a fake ticket. You can save yourself from all these by playing at online lottery sites in Sikkim as they are regulated by reputed gambling bodies offshore.

Is the Sikkim State Lottery Online?

There is no option to play the Sikkim lottery online as of now, like the Indian online international lotteries. We think that this is one of the major drawbacks of the Sikkim state lottery.

How to Check Sikkim State Lottery Results

If you wish to know the Sikkim state lottery result after you’ve bought the ticket, then it can be done via the following channels:

  1. Official website
  2. Sikkim lottery app

You will be surprised to know that claiming the prize from the Sikkim lottery is a a troublesome task. If your prize is under ₹10000, it’s easy; you just need to visit the retailer and show the ticket.

However, if your winnings are above ₹10000, the claiming process is tedious. There are a few other formalities to be done in order to claim the money; you must fill out the form and send it to the Directorate of Sikkim State Lotteries with the proper affidavit. The only thing that will save you from all of these is playing at the online lottery sites. Online sites don’t have such a lengthy process or paperwork; you can claim your prize in your account within seconds.

Is Playing Online Lottery Legal in Sikkim?

Absolutely! It is legal to play online lottery games in Sikkim, and only privately held lotteries are banned; there is no ban on the online international lotteries based offshore. These online lotteries don’t follow the Sikkim government’s lottery rules, and the Lotteries (Regulation) Act is not for them. These are governed by the reputed international lottery regulatory bodies, so they are reliable and secure. Hence, you can explore our list of the  Top 10 lottery sites in Sikkim and start playing.

How to Register and Play Online Lottery In Sikkim

  1. Select a lottery website or lottery app available from our above-given lottery website options.
  2. Provide the required details to create a lottery account.
  3. Add money; there are numerous Indian payment options for you to choose from.
  4. Choose the online lottery game you wish to play.
  5. Choose your lucky numbers manually or with the random number generator.
  6. Wait for the results!

Top 5 Online Lottery Games in Sikkim

The five most popular online lottery games in Sikkim are listed below. They have made a lot of players wealthy, and the next one can be you!

Powerball: Powerball is an American lottery that has paid out the world’s highest prize, approx. $2.04 billion. A few of the winners were of India too.

  • Days of Drawing: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Min Jackpot: $40 million (about 300 crores)
  • Chances of winning are 1 in 24

EuroMillions: EuroMillions started in 2002 and has some huge lottery draws. EuroMillions highest prize paid is €250 million.

  • Days of Drawing: Tuesday and Friday
  • Min. Jackpot: $40 million (about 300 crores).
  • Chances of winning are 1 in 24.

EuroJackpot: Launched in 2012, the top jackpot for this lottery is €120 million. It became popular when the world saw EuroJackpot’s largest jackpot ever: a German player won €110 million.

  • Days of Drawing: Saturday
  • Min Jackpot: 10 million euros, (about 84 crores)
  • Chances of winning: 1 in 26

SuperEnalotto: SuperEnalotto was launched in Italy in 1997 and has paid out a maximum jackpot of €209.1 million.

  • Days of Drawing: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Min. Jackpot: €2 million
  • Chances of winning are 1 in 16.

If you feel like trying your luck, why not try one of our recommended Online Caisno’s above. Including the well renowned Casino Days.

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Top 3 Advantages of Online Lottery in Sikkim

  1. Ease of claiming your winningsClaiming the prize money in Sikkim lottery online is quite simple; you can transfer the funds from the online lottery wallet to your bank account in a few clicks. On the other hand, the Sikkim Dear Lottery and other Sikkim government lottery schemes ask you to complete paperwork offline and send it to a particular address with an affidavit if your winnings cross ₹10k.
  2. Full transparency in Sikkim lottery onlineSince the online lottery sites in Sikkim are governed by reputed regulatory bodies offshore, they have strict policies and rules. There are less chances of players having any complaints or frauds, and even if there are any, the customer support feature is available to assist the players, and their complaints are resolved within a few days or hours. You won’t find this feature in Sikkim state lottery, and there are high chances of getting fooled by unlicensed lottery retailers. Here is one such example:
Sikkim state lotteries complaint
(Image | © Indian Consumer Complaints Forum)

During our review, we also found out that there was one person who still hasn’t received his jackpot prize from the 2009 Sikkim state lottery:

Sikkim state lottery client complaint
(Image | © Indian Consumer Complaints Forum)

3. Play from anywhere

One of the best things about online lotteries in Sikkim is that you can play them from the comfort of your home or on the go. The only requirement is a smartphone, desktop, or laptop with a good internet connection. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the offline Sikkim state lottery. As to purchase a ticket you must visit the lottery shop itself and buy tickets.

What’s Better: The Sikkim State Lottery or Online Lottery Sites in Sikkim?

Let’s chalk out the difference between the Sikkim state lottery and the Sikkim online lottery sites so that it will be easier for you to make a choice:

Sikkim State Lottery (offline)Online lottery sites in Sikkim
Available to buy at retail lottery storesAvailable to buy at various lottery websites
Cannot be played from anywhere. Is sold only at lottery shopsCan be played from anywhere on phone or laptop
No transparency as it is conducted offline Full transparency as everything is on the site
Regulated by the Sikkim state government, the system still has some flaws. There are high chances of fake tickets being in circulation.Regulated and licenced by the offshore authorities. The licence is issued only if the lottery operators fulfil a set of rules which are necessary for gamblers’ safe play.
Tedious offline paperwork process to collect prize if the winnings are above ₹10000Prize money can be transferred easily to the bank account or any e-wallet in a few clicks
A few variations of draws and no promotional or discount offersHuge varieties of lotteries to choose from. Frequent promotions, free tickets, and discounts.

Sikkim Lottery FAQs

1. What is the Sikkim lottery prize?

The prize of Sikkim lottery starts from ₹10k and ends on ₹19lakhs. On a few occasions, there are bumper draws that have a jackpot of 10 crore.

2. Does Sikkim online lotteries have bigger prize money than Sikkim state lottery?

Yes, lottery sites in Sikkim can give you bigger prizes than the offline Sikkim state lottery. As mentioned above, the limit of Sikkim state lotteries is ₹10crore on a few occasional draws, whereas, in the online lotteries, there are high chances of you winning millions or more.

3. Can we play the Sikkim state lottery online?

Unfortunately, not. We cannot play the Sikkim state lottery online. The tickets are sold only in land-based lottery shops.

4. What is the process to claim Sikkim state lottery prize money?

If your winnings are ₹10000 or less, you can show the ticket to the ticket seller and take the prize money. The process is lengthy and time-consuming if the winnings are above ₹10000, you need to fill out the offline form, courier it with a proper affidavit to the following address, and wait for the response:

Senior Office Assistant,Directorate of Sikkim State Lotteries, 121, Jessore Road, South Michael Nagar, Madhyam Gram, Near National Model High School, Kolkata – 700133, West Bengal.

It might take days or even months to get your money.

5. Where can we check the Sikkim state lottery results?

You can check the Sikkim lottery results online from their official website and the app.