Lightning Roulette India – Your Ultimate Guide

In the following review, we’ll discuss what Lightning Roulette is and how to play it, along with a few useful tips and tricks to boost your chances of winning. If you’re intrigued by this new spin on one of the most timeless casino games ever invented, read on for more information!

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Is Lightning Roulette Safe?

The provider behind Lightning Roulette – Evolution Gaming – was the first to bring live dealer games online, and is one of the most reputable and well-known companies in the industry. This only services to reinforces the game’s legitimacy and should immediately assure you of its all-around quality.

The game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) for several of its add-on features like Lucky Numbers, which ensures that all outcomes are totally random and unbiased.

Highlights of the factors that make Lightning Roulette safe:

  • It has been tested by eCOGRA, a renowned and independent agency within the online gambling industry.
  • It only partners with legal and licensed operators within regulated jurisdictions.
  • It holds 20+ licences from casino games testing and developer agencies.

Lightning Roulette: Game Details

Lightning Roulette is an exciting new casino game available to Indians that combines the thrill of live roulette with the excitement of a lottery draw. The game starts on a standard European roulette wheel with 37 pockets in total, including numbers ‘1 to 36’ and ‘0’, coloured red, black and green, respectively.

Before each spin, up to five random numbers are struck by a virtual lightning and become ‘lucky numbers’. If any of your predicted numbers match the lucky numbers, your payout can be multiplied by up to 500x.

Another advantage that Lightning Roulette offers is that there is no restriction as to how many players can take part. The game also has a decent RTP (Return to Player) percentage of 97.30%.

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Lightning Roulette Rules

Lightning Roulette is an exciting variation of the classic casino game that puts a unique twist on the traditional format.

For one, Lightning Roulette features an automated wheel that contains 36 numbered pockets, as well as a special ‘Lightning Pocket’.

The game begins with every player placing their wagers on the roulette table. You can bet on any number or combination of numbers, like in regular roulette, as well as place special wagers on specific numbers, groups of numbers, red or black numbers, or even odd numbers.

After all the wagers have been accumulated, the dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball. As the ball slows down, up to five random numbers are struck by lightning.

These numbers receive a multiplier boost, which is determined by the strength of the Lightning Strike.

The final multiplier can be as high as 500x! Once the ball lands in any of the pockets, any bets that were placed on that number (or on any of the Lightning Numbers) are paid out according to the final multiplier.

In addition, Lightning Roulette also features two additional side bets: Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

‘Lucky Numbers’ allow players to bet on the numbers they think will be struck by lightning, while ‘Lucky Payouts’ provides an opportunity to receive an even bigger payout by correctly guessing the specific order in which the Lightning Pockets will be struck (more on this later on).

Lightning Roulette Bets


  • Straight Up – This type of bet allows you to wager on any single number on the Lightning Roulette table (including zero).
  • Split Bet – Here, instead of betting on a number, you can actually place a bet on a whole line, vertical or horizontal.
  • Street Bet – Street bets allow you to wager on any number in a series of three continuous numbers. For example, you can place a bet on a number from a sequence like 1, 2, 3 or 15, 16, 17, and so on. If the ball lands on one of these three numbers, you’ll get paid out at 11:1.
  • Corner Bet – With a corner bet, you place a chip of any amount you choose at the intersection of four numbers. All four numbers in that intersection are covered. These bets are paid out at 8:1.
  • Line Bet – You can place line bets where two rows end or at the meeting point between two rows. Here you are betting on six numbers – three each from the two adjacent rows.
  • Column Bet – Column bets allow you to wager on any of the boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ where the column ends. This will cover all 12 numbers in that particular column, except zero.
  • Red/Black – These bets are placed on any of the ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ boxes on the wheel, covering 18 black or 18 red numbers. Again, you cannot bet on zero in this type of bet.
  • Even/Odd – In Lightning Roulette, there are a total of 18 ‘Even’ and 18 ‘Odd’ numbers across which you need to predict the ball will land. This is called an Even/Odd bet.
  • 1-18/19-36 – Here, you bet on either one of the boxes that cover the first 18 numbers or the last 18 numbers.

Once your bets have all been placed and confirmed, randomly chosen ‘Lucky Numbers’ will be highlighted on top of the betting grid.

How To Play Lightning Roulette


A screenshot of Lightning Roulette
(Source: Royal Panda)

Now that you know the rules of the game and the different bets you can place, you are ready begin your Lightning Roulette adventure. Here is how you can get started:

  1. Choose and sign up to the online casino where you want to play the game.
  2. Select your preferred payment method and transfer some funds into your casino account.
  3. Open the game and place your bets (for Lightning Roulette, you can wager between ₹20 to ₹950,000).
  4. Once you have made your wager, click on the ‘Spin’ button to get things going.
  5. The wheel will then spin and the ball will be released.
  6. When the ball lands in a pocket, all winning bets will be paid out, after which you can place your next bet.

Best Lightning Roulette Strategy (Tips and Tricks)

Like several other casino games, Lightning Roulette is a game based purely on luck, so there are no guaranteed strategies of ensuring success. However, we have listed a few pointers below that may help you improve your chances of winning:

  1. You can consider using the Martingale system, which involves doubling your bet after every loss. This guarantees a profit if you eventually win, but it can be risky if you are on a long losing streak.
  2. Another popular strategy is the D’Alembert system. This approach involves increasing your bet by a unit after a loss and decreasing your bets by a unit after a win. The idea behind this system is that you will eventually recoup your losses and make a profit.
  3. You could also place a wager(s) on five different numbers – just make sure that all the numbers you bet on are of the same colour. Whichever one you choose, there is a 48.6% chance that the ball lands on that colour. And if you predict the number correctly as well, so much the better!
  4. Another strategy is to bet on all numbers within the same column (12 in total), which gives you a 34.2% probability of winning something. If you bet on two columns, this doubles to almost 70%!
  5. You could also try placing small bets on every single number on the table, which adds up to 37 bets in all. Say you bet ₹100 on each number for a total of ₹3700. The worst outcome for you will be getting ₹3000 (30:1 odds in straight-up bets). However, the best outcome can go over ₹18,00,000 (500x multiplier) if your predicted number is struck by lightning.
  6. Finally, always set a budget and stick to it. Do not spend more than what you set aside previously for the game. Play responsibly!

Lightning Roulette comes with a full range of traditional European Roulette bets.
Additional opportunities to win are randomly generated through Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts (multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, and 500x).
So what is a Lucky Number?
Well, after all the bets are in, up to five numbers are randomly picked (by means of an RNG). But there is no way of knowing beforehand which numbers are Lucky Numbers or how many Lucky Numbers will be picked after every spin.
This thrilling twist to the traditional European roulette is what makes Lightning Roulette so entertaining.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Lucky Payouts.
As we have seen above, up to five Lucky Numbers are randomly generated.
Suppose you bet on the number 6 – amd, after a game round, the number 6 is picked as a Lucky Number. You will now receive a payout between 50x to 500x your original bet! If you wagered ₹1000 on 6, you could receive somewhere between ₹50,000 and ₹5,00,000. This are called Lucky Payouts.

Lightning Roulette App and Mobile Gameplay

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular because of their portability and convenience, which is why so many top casino sites have created applications of their own which retain all the features of their main desktop site. Alternatively, most online casinos can be accessed through your device’s browser, with most platforms having been optimised to operate smoothly on smaller screens.

Here are some of the best casino apps and mobile sites for Lightning Roulette:

Mobile Blackjack App App Availability Mobile Site
Casino Days Android, iOS, Windows Yes
10CRIC Android, iOS Yes
Parimatch Android, iOS Yes
Glassi None Yes
BitStarz None Yes

Alternatives To Lightning Roulette

There are many other casino games that are just as enjoyable as Lightning Roulette. Here are a few that we recommend:

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette
In the original Lightning Roulette, the highest payout you can get is 500x your original wager. Imagine you can take that up to 2000x – well, you can do just that thanks to XXXtreme Lightning Roulette! The latter title also has an RTP of 97.3%, and is available in reputable online casinos like 10CRIC.

Regular Roulette
The original roulette can be played with either a European or American roulette wheel, with latter having an extra slot (00) that increases the house edge to 5.26%. Lightning Roulette is just a variation of regular roulette that also uses 37 numbers and three colours (red, black, green). The differences in Lightning Roulette include the house edge, which is 2.7%, as well as the multipliers of up to 500x your original wager, which are not found in regular roulette. Also, Lightning Roulette is only available online.

Another fun alternative to Lightning Roulette is blackjack, a card game where the objective of every player is to get close to a total of 21 or less and, by doing so, beat the dealer’s hand. If your total exceeds 21, you automatically lose. You can play blackjack and variations of it in any of the online casinos mentioned in the table above.

Baccarat is also another popular card game, with the goal being to get as close to 9 as possible. A regular deck of 52 cards is used, but with the Jokers removed. You can play baccarat at any reputable online casinos, such as Parimatch, 10CRIC, and Pure Win.

Few are unfamiliar with the exciting and intense game that is poker. Typically played with a standard deck of 52 cards, each player is dealt five cards at the beginning of each round. Each takes turns drawing or discarding cards until everyone has five cards left to play with or less than five cards remain in the deck. The player with the best ‘hand’ at the end of the game wins. Poker is probably the most famous casino game in the world, and can be found at any of the online casinos we have listed above, including 10CRIC Casino.

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How to Choose a Lightning Roulette Casino

There are a few things you need to consider before picking the casino that suits your needs:

  1. Bonuses
    Most reputable online casinos offer generous bonuses and welcome offers that can help you place more and bigger bets on various games at a reduced cost. Check also for a VIP programme that offers loyalty-based promotions to regular customers, which will enhance your overall experience as a customer in the long run.
  2. Security
    Visit the casino’s website and check whether the operator holds legitimate credentials and licences from reputable authorities (such as the MGA or Curaçao eGaming). Another thing worth looking out for are which software developers are supported on the site, as collaboration with reputable providers is a good sign of the casino’s legitimacy. Trustworthy names would include Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play, alongside many more. Finally, confirm whether the casino uses SSL encryption to protect its customers’ personal data.
  3. Customer Support
    Good customer service is vital at an online casino, especially if you run into problems regarding payments, registration, or anything else. Ideally, the casino should have a variety of channels through which you can get in touch, including a 24/7 live chat service, a phone number, and an email address.
  4. Payment Methods
    Indian players should check for payment methods such as PhonePe, Paytm, and Google Pay, as these in general make life that much easier when making online transactions.

Pros and Cons

Despite its remarkable strengths, there are a couple of drawbacks to Lightning Roulette that you should be aware of. We’ve listed everything in brief below:

Pros ✅
  • ‘Autoplay’ feature included
  • Generous bet multipliers of up to 500x
  • Brilliant RTP of 97.30%
Cons ❌
  • Does not allow ‘Called Bets’
  • Does not support the ‘Fast Play’ feature


We hope that this Lightning Roulette guide has answered any questions you had in mind about the game. To get started, simply pick any of our hand-picked casinos above, which have been selected based on their reputation, features, security, and other benefits. Stick to your budget, follow our tips – and most importantly of all, have fun!

Lightning Roulette FAQs


1. Where can I play Lightning Roulette?

You can play Lightning Roulette at any of the following casinos we have listed above, with 10CRIC and Casino Days being our top two recommendations.

2. Is Lightning Roulette legal in India?

Yes, Lightning Roulette is completely legal in India.

3. What is the maximum amount you can win when playing Lightning Roulette?

The highest multiplier in Lightning Roulette is 500x, while the maximum amount you can bet is ₹950,000. So, theoretically, you can win the maximum sum of ₹475,000,000.

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